Why Guys Would Die as Girls 💀

25 Kov 2017
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  • Heels is 😪😂😭😢😪

    Brianna MoreauBrianna MoreauPrieš 18 val
  • I have had my armpits waxed and it is really painful, but after about 10 times you stop feeling it as painful. So women having a higher pain tolerance is not true

    Dennis BarzanoffDennis BarzanoffPrieš 10 dienų
  • That's facts. I don't even have female friends anymore. They problems just be piling up & there be nothing you can do. It's sad so to see & hear about what they go through i choose not to friend them. I had my fair share. I simply avoid those beautiful women

    Jared BoswellJared BoswellPrieš 20 dienų
  • What about mtf trans ?

    Madison HowardMadison HowardPrieš 23 dienas
  • hey man don't pander to this feminist. You can easily mention hardship of men and say women can't last as men.

    Elyas DemekeElyas DemekePrieš mėn
  • I mean waxing them legs tho ooof

    offroad Masteroffroad MasterPrieš mėn
  • PREACH 🙌🏽

    Just meJust mePrieš mėn
  • boys are less likely to get hurt but more likely to have worse pain

    antmanlol yeevoantmanlol yeevoPrieš mėn
  • Him describing his life as a girl is just my life for real xD

    NemesisProductsNemesisProductsPrieš mėn
  • I'll admit that's happened

    Chick AstleyChick AstleyPrieš mėn
  • 1:07 nah homie

    gamertown xgamertown xPrieš mėn
  • most men : "oH gIrLs jUsT eXaGgErAtE" this guy : *is real* me : *still wiping off my makeup from yesterday* THANK YOU

    FxrestMoonFxrestMoonPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • This many people know he is only saying this so he’s popular with girls in chat 👇🏻

    LlamaLukeLlamaLukePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I’ll love that swoozies acknowledgment of how much pain some girls go through to wax or micro blade, but we can have the worst period cramp ever and still look happy to people who see us. That is a lot of strength, to my fellow females, you go girls!

    lilac lovelilac lovePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • thats never happen to me

    InfiniteChampionInfiniteChampionPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Never happin im lonely haha

    Tristan O’ryanTristan O’ryanPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I know for a fact that girls pain tolerances are through the dang roof compared to guys, so every time i feel pain in any way i think to myself i wonder what this would feel like if i were a dude

    shadowmane124shadowmane124Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • 1:08 no I’ve never done this if u have das bare weird uno 🤣

    Louis MorrellLouis MorrellPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • swoozie Can you teach me how to Edit

    Fortnite Drift 4lFortnite Drift 4lPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • aw

    Fortnite Drift 4lFortnite Drift 4lPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • This is so true, this is why it sucks to be a girl. Sometimes I just think, damn being a man sure would be easy. I get that being a guy, also has it’s disadvantages. It just sucks that I’m being judged cuz I don’t wear make-up and have clean shaven legs and upper lip every day of the week. I have respect for my fellow girls, but I ain’t doing that shit

    Hannah CHannah CPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • One pro of being a girl would be NO FUCKING TESTICLES!

    LukeLukePrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Me:eating romen Swoozie:child birth Me:spits out romen with my nose

  • Does a lead role of a play count as a girl, and also having no control over my emotions, and having infinite abdomen pain and I’ve had blood came out of both my private parts for years lol I just have to care for looks which is good. I’m close

    Master SparkzMaster SparkzPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Hi swoozie your videos make me feel happy

    Martin ChilondaMartin ChilondaPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • A whole almost 4 minutes of Swoozie basically simping.

    WoodstockWoodstockPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • One thing is that is hard to be a boy it is getting kick in the you know owwww

    Jo Fam827Jo Fam827Prieš 4 mėnesius
  • It’s scientifically proven that getting kicked in the balls is the equivalent to giving birth 900 times AT THE SAME TIME

    Christopher VenturaChristopher VenturaPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • THANK YOU!!!! Literally tho it’s like you expect me to answer your snap at 3 am looking like a princess yeah no. I will have mascara running down my face from crying about nothing litterally have my hair in what looks like a knot and be in the ugliest outfit!!! The expectations for us are set wayyyy too high!!!!

    Grace 50Grace 50Prieš 4 mėnesius
  • You know girls don’t have to do all that stuff

    Bigga DiddyBigga DiddyPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • It's like a double standard world because yah we all know periods hurt but guys can have that pain to I mean not periods but similar or worse pains

    Austin EnglandAustin EnglandPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Dude never

    Birungi RaymondBirungi RaymondPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • I didn't need a girlfriend my sister's used to dress me up so I know that heels hurt your first or third time I've worn them so much I'm used to it

    Jj ReadJj ReadPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Don’t even get me started on periods

    Insane SavagesInsane SavagesPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • 1:08. it has never happend to me for 2 reasons. number 1: i'm unpoupular number 2: i'm only 10

    nolawit. mikaelnolawit. mikaelPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Meow

    PurrzPurrzPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Before child birth, darling there are periods coming every month, men have no chance.

    Zoe ShimizoZoe ShimizoPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Haha 😂

    Creature DomesCreature DomesPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • I'm all about that equality stuff so you should make a video why girls would die as guys my man 😁 also a lot of the stuff in this video are their choice such as the whole eyebrow things. They can choose too avoid that, they shouldn't care what society thinks.

    King Of RapKing Of RapPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • It’s surprising how much you know about girls..... *I’m scared..*

    Alexa ClawSisterAlexa ClawSisterPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • He forgot the period and catcalling

    Jasmine MejiaJasmine MejiaPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • So true Swoozie!

    Olga VillegasOlga VillegasPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • But they want to do that

    Jonah MccartneyJonah MccartneyPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Bruh guys have to deal with no make up and girls just say you’re ugly

    Jonah MccartneyJonah MccartneyPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • I wish I could live in freaky Friday and switch with a boy.

    Maggie GraceMaggie GracePrieš 5 mėnesių
  • I honestly think being a girl is better than being a guy. Child birth... they create another human being. What does being kicked in the private give you? Maybe a revenge plan to the person who kicked you there?

    Dana SmithDana SmithPrieš 5 mėnesių
    • If a girl gets kicked/kneed/etc. in the private and the clit gets hit it still hurts like a ****ton. For perspective the clitoris has about double the amount of nerve endings than the penis does, in a very small area so the entire exposed area (i.e. the tissue that isn't deeper in the pelvis, not tissue that is simply covered with vaginal folds/goods) will receive impact. I don't think it's similar to getting kicked in the balls (because that sounds like a significantly different experience), but imagine your penis being twice as sensitive and then stepped on.

      R CmrnR CmrnPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Bahahahahah

    pAinT It cRaZy hahahahahpAinT It cRaZy hahahahahPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Getting your face waxed is not that bad, I promise, it just feels like when you pull off a bandaid. Not that bad.

    leviette straussleviette straussPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Trans ppl be watching this be like* EXUSE MEH

    Blueberry-chan ShnBlueberry-chan ShnPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Also you forgot to mention periods they are the worst

    Cannon The Iron DragonCannon The Iron DragonPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Thx so much for dis support

    Cannon The Iron DragonCannon The Iron DragonPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • i don’t have lower back dimples, or a thigh gap 😔

    emma wemma wPrieš 5 mėnesių
    • @emma w Why thank you! :)

      JustAlphaJustAlphaPrieš 5 mėnesių
    • JustAlpha proud of you

      emma wemma wPrieš 5 mėnesių
    • I don't care. Wanna know what I do care about with girls and other people? Them being happy with themselves! Those who realize that self-love is important are so much more attractive and likable for me than those who just want to get reckless and follow trends. :/ In middle school I absolutely adored this one girl named Makayla for that reason: SUPER lively, didn't focus on being down, and ALWAYS tried to break tradition (she would often wear muted tones that would work PERFECTLY with her large and long black set of hair). I asked her out, but unfortunately I lost her phone number like a complete moron! Now I'm all alone, but to be truthful, I really don't mind as I'm trying really hard to make my career of choice work out (I'm 18).

      JustAlphaJustAlphaPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • You are awesome swoozie!!!!

    Raise ProductivityRaise ProductivityPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • im trans and im very good at not being a boy and not being girl cuz I'm nb

    Jstar097Jstar097Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • Yea. Most guys don't hold women to the standard you are expressing. If you're semi-healthy most guys don't care that much. Maybe you do though.

    TheShuShuTheShuShuPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I'm down boys will be boys in a girls body or a boys

    Berennoble WillyBerennoble WillyPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • it would be hard for a girl to be a guy and guy to be a girl

    Tyler MalcomTyler MalcomPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Not so sure all of this is true cause wearing makeup is like lying about what your face looks like,you can wear more nice shoes that are not heels,and I feel like most (not all) girls exagerate pain

    Gapgap thedestroyerGapgap thedestroyerPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • 2:42 i actually cant deal🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣but its fax thooo

    mizz barbiedollmizz barbiedollPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Passing a kidney stone is way harder than child birth....

    Trademarked PencilTrademarked PencilPrieš 6 mėnesių
    • Trademarked Pencil Say whatever you want, but why are you comparing pain anyway. You can’t really say one is worse than the other unless you’ve experienced both and regardless who cares. Both genders can get kidney stones, kidney stones and pregnancy both suck and are painful, let’s just leave it at that.

      Sasha RSasha RPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Yep it happened to me in 7th grade they forced me to use eyeliner lipstick and makeup and our english teacher just laughed

    WellRest ·WellRest ·Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • what about periods huh

    Frantzciama MoiseFrantzciama MoisePrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I agree heels are terrible and I'm a girl welp rip me

    DokiDokiPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I swear half of the video views are me I’ve watched this too many times

    Belac StudiosBelac StudiosPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I can be sicked in the face hit up side the head with metal just beat the shit out of but..... getting waxed nah I'm gooood famm

    Mustufi DrawsMustufi DrawsPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I know this is old but Thank you for acknowledging us lol

    Tiger 844Tiger 844Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • i could live but getting hit in the nuts hurts more than giving birth for sure googled

    LownlyLownlyPrieš 6 mėnesių
    • You can’t make that claim, it’s impossible for anybody to know without having experienced both sorts of pain. And that’s impossible because even a post-op transgender person wouldn’t experience the same feelings because if M-F they don’t get ovaries and a uterus and if F-M they don’t get real testicles. So in either case they’ll never feel the same pain. Why are you comparing pain anyway?

      Sasha RSasha RPrieš 6 mėnesių
    • 😂😂you said googled lmao

      Olivia GrilloOlivia GrilloPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • 0:57 Bold of you to assume I have female friends.

    Mike PMike PPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Amen

    100 subs No vids??100 subs No vids??Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • never have I done that to wear heels or make or women clothes. and men do got to shave are face and lower areas and make sure we also are looking good for women . work out have a hair done up.

    Jose LucioJose LucioPrieš 6 mėnesių
    • Thats what girls have to do to lol, shave legs, under arms, down there gotta make sure we look good, work out to keep in shape, and have our hair done.

      Olivia GrilloOlivia GrilloPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • You ain’t experienced pain until you experience a period

    %-mouse momma-%%-mouse momma-%Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • boys cant even be nice for like 5 seconds.. litteraly all the girls in the comments saying "you forgot periods smH" the boys replys: "you cant be happy or glad for 2 secs" "dont be so selfish!" "nobody asked" "i bet periods arent THAT BAD." Bruh, yall needa know this

    LxveBunLxveBunPrieš 6 mėnesių
    • *Literally.

      Lazy Boi237Lazy Boi237Prieš 2 mėnesius
  • Happy birthday king👑

    SonoffenixSonoffenixPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Same but I am a gril

    Killer BunnyKiller BunnyPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Your like the emo of the hip-hop world. Talking straight up all SJW White Knight to the rescue jibber jabber. This is the skeezy way of getting laid.

    Bobby 33Bobby 33Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • the 2.8K dislikes are angry men

    Penelope LarnerPenelope LarnerPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • what the hell 3 years ago you are a worse animator then me and 8m 10

    Lil PreBLil PreBPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Is there a ban on some words becauce I commented and refreshed it and didn't see my comment an dmy comment didn't break any LTworlds rules

    Rejus ZaleckasRejus ZaleckasPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • This dude has mad respect for women and I respect him for that

    ツStomiiツStomiiPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • It's too bad that all those things are totally required by law for girls to do, regardless of society.

    diebenachtdiebenachtPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Not to mention menstruation...

    【WONDERLAND】【WONDERLAND】Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • I thought he was gonna talk about when we were children and wore our mothers' shoes just to see what it feels like

    Carl JohnsonCarl JohnsonPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I’m. A. Girl Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ali loves cupcakes and unicorns WeaverAli loves cupcakes and unicorns WeaverPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • You're in excruciating pain if you don't get pregnant and also if you do. You also have to take care of the baby afterwards.

    TunabreathTunabreathPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • If the genders were swapped over night then all the guys turned girls wouldn’t put in the work because we as guys realize that if we all look like a dirty rag than there’s no standard to live up to so the main problem guys would face is periods and birth

    JisflJisflPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Dude the eyebrow thing made my birth mark feel weird

    Dylan SlayerDylan SlayerPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I think that being a man is harder becauce of the high risk of being drafted into war and the court is sexsist aginst men and ussualy men don't have support when they have depression or other issues. Also women have geneticly higher pain threshold

    Rejus ZaleckasRejus ZaleckasPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • I have 4 sisters and no brother's and I have never been dressed up like a girl

    lightning the true shadow lxplightning the true shadow lxpPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • I think I just fell in love with swoozie a little because he is hitting every nail on the head right now😂

    jaybird5589jaybird5589Prieš 7 mėnesių
  • I’m a 7 year old boy I don’t go to clubs

    Oreoeater09Oreoeater09Prieš 7 mėnesių
  • No one: Swoozies impersonation of someone:BoYs hAve nO idEa hOw hArD iT iS tO be a gIrL

    river k ._.river k ._.Prieš 7 mėnesių
  • Who learns stuff from this guy. I do

    DoobadeeDoobadeePrieš 7 mėnesių
  • YEEEES! so fucking true. give this man an award or something because this is accurate off The WALL. THANK YOU.

    BacktriggsBacktriggsPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • I ain't suckin no dick

    VonjayVonjayPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • I have standards that Don’t follow at all. I have good grades, I’m okay looking, dont have many friends, dont like to be alone a lot, and I am a fugioshi. No one has ever like liked me that I know of, and I’m in 6th grade 😭 but i know I can’t handle a relationship (children are reckless 😂). I am just a bit out of shape, And NO This comment isn’t about putting myself down it’s about me not caring about standards and getting by in life okay. Not bad not good, okay

    Akenyah LifeAkenyah LifePrieš 8 mėnesių
    • Same

      Rejus ZaleckasRejus ZaleckasPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • On god the hardest thing about being a girl is the social settings. Like I’m a dude and females already make me want to go to jail sometimes. If I was a girl, with the drama they have. I would be in so many fights, it would be ridiculous. And by the way girls fight nowadays, is win most if not all of them. They just get on my damn nerves. But yeah about child birth, I would always get a c-section. And I don’t know if he touched on it but periods. Like I couldn’t do that yearly let alone monthly. And the fact that y’all get criticized no matter what you do with your life and body would be overwhelming to me. I might like females all the time but I respect them when ever I can.

    Tyrell McKinneyTyrell McKinneyPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • You know, not all girls wear make-up.

    David BatesDavid BatesPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Death by lego is a real thing yo 🤣 lol r.i.p. my foot nerve endings 🙏

    Country GirlCountry GirlPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • You and Lilly Singh were meant for each other

    amanda zxcamanda zxcPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • If i were to turn to a girl right now...imma finger myself💀💀

    AyooMelloAyooMelloPrieš 8 mėnesių