sWooZie x Obama

11 Sau 2016
726 180 Peržiūros

▼January 12th @ 9pm ET - ltworlds.info
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Jacket: Legendary Rivalry Nylon Jacket. Not sure about where to find it online, I bought it at a store in London
Plaid button up from American Eagle
Wifebeater tank top from Target :)

  • its been 4 years and nobody’s talking 2:01 yet😭

    HyperrHyperrPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I support the ship.

    FatalMarkFatalMarkPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • I miss Obama

    RyanPlayzRyanPlayzPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • From your new vid 🤗💚

    Rebecca BrownRebecca BrownPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Yo that was on my birthday

    Orion JohnOrion JohnPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • You’re the fucking greatest of all time

    UNEUNEPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • I don't think yo black like me Matt the king

    Matt GeraldMatt GeraldPrieš 3 metus
  • is he illuminati

  • How badass would that be, knowing that the POTUS binge watches you're LTworlds videos 😂

    jshjshPrieš 4 metus
  • o.m.g. (Obama must go) I don't like him!But swoozie your still the best LTworldsr ever!

    Lego MieggoLego MieggoPrieš 4 metus
  • All Area 51 information

    Nathan MonteiroNathan MonteiroPrieš 4 metus

    Alex ZhaoAlex ZhaoPrieš 4 metus
  • You are sooo lucky omg great vids

    S DavisS DavisPrieš 4 metus
  • i cant belive u talk to obama

    DannyDannyPrieš 4 metus
  • what do you do wiyh ur spare time

    thatonedudethatonedudePrieš 4 metus
  • I am African and well there's no Tigers here

    tucker tuckertucker tuckerPrieš 4 metus
  • swoozie was prolly fangirling... lowkey lowkey

    Acacia ReyesAcacia ReyesPrieš 4 metus

    Mirza 3Mirza 3Prieš 4 metus
  • lol i came in with 666,666 views

    Frost BerryFrost BerryPrieš 4 metus
  • Obama:(°■°) OMFG SWOOZIE NOT FAIR Me:[▪_▪] Umm...Kick out trump plz....Yea...□■□

    NekNekPrieš 4 metus
    • Trump:▪■▪ SHUT UP IMMIGRANT LITTLE SH- Obama:Eyy...STFU nekshram and Trump I'm watching swoozie Me:Can I join?

      NekNekPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsAsksObama Have You Seen The Memes About Donald Trump? Hilarious!

    Pimpin PreacePimpin PreacePrieš 4 metus
  • booooooooooooriiiiiiing

    Nikolaus WilliamsNikolaus WilliamsPrieš 4 metus
  • Dose it ever get stress full doing your job you don't need to anser this :3 To - Obama

    Jean WingJean WingPrieš 4 metus
  • I was watching your video and then I look down and I had my hand on my heart and then I realize that the background music was an American theme song

    tøp Trashtøp TrashPrieš 4 metus
  • dang man

    AvailingCoderAvailingCoderPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsAsksObama what do you do for fun?

    Griefer CreeperGriefer CreeperPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsaskobama i wanna ask who are your to 4 favorite youtubers?

    Kelv DjpKelv DjpPrieš 4 metus
  • do this before trump destroys the us

    Kelv DjpKelv DjpPrieš 4 metus
  • YOUR SO LUCKY!!! I'm happy for you

    mr.samadookmr.samadookPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsaskObama Why do you think Donald Trump would be a good president when he's racist?

    Adrian EAdrian EPrieš 4 metus
  • if I made videos, I would do anything so that Obama WOULDN'T watch them.

    Lone RiderLone RiderPrieš 4 metus
  • U met obama?!? Lucky!! Also, Ingred looking good tho

    wesley pattersonwesley pattersonPrieš 4 metus
  • Why that fucking ghamburger song in the bacround cyka blat.

    Tardi Grade GamingTardi Grade GamingPrieš 4 metus

    Horse FaceHorse FacePrieš 4 metus
  • I wonder if Obama is one of sWooZie's subscribers

    kero_senekero_senePrieš 4 metus
  • You are cute!

    Monet TerrellMonet TerrellPrieš 4 metus
  • #youtubeasksobama what is your favorite brand of shoe

    TheRealDaisonTheRealDaisonPrieš 4 metus
  • He interviewed him on my bday yay 😎

    Teh GodTeh GodPrieš 4 metus
  • I went to the White House yesterday by the way I also went to Gettysburg and a bunch of other places like where Lincoln was assassinated and the tomb of the unknown soldier BTW sWooZie I really like your vids I would luv if we can meet sometime I heard you live In Florida I just got back today hope I can meet you sometime bro P.S I went Washington as a field trip

    MIchaelraphaelr_MIchaelraphaelr_Prieš 4 metus
  • Well done! What a step interviewing Obama. Awesome dude.

    Mopani MKMopani MKPrieš 4 metus
  • My teacher told us on the first day of school that she's obsessed with you and so were her kids. I gasped and we had a small conversation about you, the rest of the class had no idea what was going on. 😂😂😂😂

    Betty Joe JanglesBetty Joe JanglesPrieš 4 metus
  • Yo I got that same shirt

    R SR SPrieš 4 metus
  • you would break yoself

    Jayden KernsJayden KernsPrieš 4 metus
  • tfw the english auto generated captions are actually sort of accurate

    Kim TranKim TranPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsaskobama did u smoke

    DayveDayvePrieš 4 metus
  • play minecraft

    Anyah-Brandt Fogwe ZamaAnyah-Brandt Fogwe ZamaPrieš 4 metus
    • Please no.

      LeJamLeJamPrieš 4 metus
  • yo Obama do you play mortal kambat? if u do tell us who ur fav character is #askobama

    Gabe DudleyGabe DudleyPrieš 4 metus
    • #youtubeaskobama**

      Gabe DudleyGabe DudleyPrieš 4 metus
  • he look sexy as fuck wit them glasses😍😍😍

    Catherine DrakeCatherine DrakePrieš 4 metus
  • is it too late for Will Obama become a youtuber like swoozie? #LTworldsAskObama

    Rio KashaRio KashaPrieš 4 metus
  • I hope Trump doesn't ban black people from entering America

    Maximus CloughMaximus CloughPrieš 4 metus
  • #youtubeasksobama whats your opinion on trump?

    Mr KeltechMr KeltechPrieš 4 metus
  • If trump becomes president plz don't do this with him😆😂

    buxxbunniibuxxbunniiPrieš 4 metus
  • i didnt really know he was bald

    YouTube StarYouTube StarPrieš 4 metus
  • Exotic tigers from Africa... Lol there are no tigers in Africa.

    kamilla parkerkamilla parkerPrieš 4 metus
  • omg ur outro! that dog stuffed animal!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Crazykat0224Crazykat0224Prieš 4 metus

    selena portiannaselena portiannaPrieš 4 metus
  • Ok, so when I watched this. Swoozie: 3.9M Subs Ingrid: 3.9M Sub Destin: 3.6M

    Blazej MadrzykBlazej MadrzykPrieš 4 metus
  • *"Hey Swooz,"*

    The Radionic CorpThe Radionic CorpPrieš 4 metus
  • Tiggers from Africa!??????.....😂

    K-powerK-powerPrieš 4 metus
  • take dem glasses off swoozie!!! lookin like a skinny E-40

    f r e e d o mf r e e d o mPrieš 4 metus
  • Obama sucks tho

    Jonathan VanoostingJonathan VanoostingPrieš 4 metus
    • Why?

      EnsnaredByFleshEnsnaredByFleshPrieš 4 metus
  • I wanted to watch the livestream but u had SCHOOL

    Mz TT Tiana MarieMz TT Tiana MariePrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsAsksObama If You Were A PornStar What Would Your PornStar Name Be?

    Kevin WinchesterKevin WinchesterPrieš 4 metus
  • what's your favorite torture you put on us OBAMA?? the fact that you made a nuclear deal, or can't deal with Isis, or just the simple fact of ruining school lunches??

    Ammon PhippsAmmon PhippsPrieš 4 metus
    • The nuclear deal was to create peace with Iran. Obama has actually been dealing with ISIS quite well lately. You just don't hear about it on mainstream news most of the time. Obama has no control over school lunches.

      EnsnaredByFleshEnsnaredByFleshPrieš 4 metus

    Ammon PhippsAmmon PhippsPrieš 4 metus
  • WTF how u get so fuckin' lucky! u got some kinda charmed life.

    Malkie sMalkie sPrieš 4 metus
  • do you want to fight, Boxing match Nampa Idaho karcher mall

    Apollo MMIIApollo MMIIPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsAskObama Who really did 9/11. We need answers.

    XxWoLfxX115XxWoLfxX115Prieš 4 metus
  • I wonder how much bad word Obama got when he got elected

    TheMotorHackerTheMotorHackerPrieš 4 metus
  • u can't ride it

    Michee MakendaMichee MakendaPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsAsksObama Do you have the dankest of memes? Dank memes give dank dreams ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    lordlinkthegreatlordlinkthegreatPrieš 4 metus
  • G#

    Rick And mortyRick And mortyPrieš 4 metus
  • it my birthday im 10 year old

    Kristine That’s meKristine That’s mePrieš 4 metus
  • lol

    Nikyle CurruthiersNikyle CurruthiersPrieš 4 metus
  • y did he ever went bald. ik its not old age cuz he is like 25-28 something like that. who knows he might be older

    Truck KunTruck KunPrieš 4 metus
  • Disney and chill

    King BugzKing BugzPrieš 4 metus
  • Do you think we have enough c-17 units #LTworlds asks Obama

    SuperD.c manSuperD.c manPrieš 4 metus
  • #LTworldsasksobama What is the best perk about being president?

    Kitty mylarcatKitty mylarcatPrieš 4 metus
  • What is your favorite color Swoozie

    Ninja FunNinja FunPrieš 4 metus
  • If you see the different letter subscribe or like this comment: WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWVWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    Goldenuggetz MCGoldenuggetz MCPrieš 5 metų
  • #youtubeasksobama do I have a small penis

    TGG LivewireTGG LivewirePrieš 5 metų
  • What.the.Swooz.

    BearHugzBearHugzPrieš 5 metų
  • He be 👓👈

    TheFood MuncherTheFood MuncherPrieš 5 metų
  • Hah, i saw the backwards bike video a looong time ago.

    Cardboard TenshiCardboard TenshiPrieš 5 metų
  • Oh great, you got to meet a glorified terrorist. Wave to all the dead middle-eastern kids for me!

    Dee DooDee DooPrieš 5 metų
    • @Shift They are very similar. They have both killed many middle eastern children. They are both evil.

      Dee DooDee DooPrieš 4 metus
    • +Dee Doo He didnt meet George Bush. He met Obama

      ShiftShiftPrieš 4 metus
  • in the beginning he looks like fresh prince

    R3D SP3TR3R3D SP3TR3Prieš 5 metų
  • you can ride that bike

    12345 67891012345 678910Prieš 5 metų
  • I joined at around 33k and today i look up and see 3.8 million. Seriously swoozie?wtf dude thats crazy!

    Nike RaikageNike RaikagePrieš 5 metų
  • He got me at exotic tigers from Africa, why am I so late for this? ;-;

    PapyruPapyruPrieš 5 metų
  • Too cool.

    Jumie AnneJumie AnnePrieš 5 metų
  • #questiontoobama Nike or Adidas?

    BrandnewflixBrandnewflixPrieš 5 metų
  • Why do you think racism isn't controllable?

    Richard MostertRichard MostertPrieš 5 metų
  • #LTworldsAskObama any instruments you've played

    orlandoorlandoPrieš 5 metų
  • #LTworldsAsksObama what did you originally want to be,and do you like anime???

    Unique New yorkUnique New yorkPrieš 5 metų
  • #LTworldsAsksObama Favorite Swoozie Video?

    Dapper CatDapper CatPrieš 5 metų
  • #LTworldsAsksObama What is your opinion on the 2016 presidential candidates?

    Dapper CatDapper CatPrieš 5 metų
  • #LTworldsAsksObama Who would you favor to be the next president? Why?

    Harmonic SympathiesHarmonic SympathiesPrieš 5 metų
  • I'm not sure how old you are. But as a 30 year old Canadian, looking to see how that interview went, well... well I guess I'm one of these trolls now. Back to something more important. First and last comment.

    Taylor GoudreauTaylor GoudreauPrieš 5 metų
  • His favorite Cardashian?!

    Taylor GoudreauTaylor GoudreauPrieš 5 metų
  • You're an arrogant embarrassment and should take lead from Dustin and the lady.

    Taylor GoudreauTaylor GoudreauPrieš 5 metų