My First Kiss

9 Bal 2017
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😗Originally this was the 6th video I uploaded to youtube when I first started. Before HD or even widescreen lol; This time for the remix I included some details that I left out of the first version (like the fact that I worked at the hotel this all happened at)
🖥Watch more:
Why Guys Would Die as Gilrs:
FIVE GUYS in da hood:
🎨First 2 mins of animation by: BlackSen
The from 2:10 mark on animation by:
Animators: Chris + Alex
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SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps
🎧 Outro song: "Twerk for Master" by BDP:

  • Chicken wing chicken wing

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  • I was like dammmmnnn u whent danny and dee were making i was wow!!! Are swoozie and hes girl goang do that too?

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  • de de DEE

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    • AND REE

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  • Akward silence

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  • WHAT!?

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  • 5:22 bruh

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  • Soo you have a girlfriend :-|

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  • Ngl i thought the first half was her dad against it, but no HER DAD WAS PUSHING IT BRUVUGVUTBYVRV!!

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  • 0:07

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  • ummmm when you said dee, which is my nickname and a girl came out with a brunette hair, blue eyes and a fringe i was legitimately scared. LIKE THE CHANCES

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  • Wait Alex animated this for you? I THOUGHT THIS GAME ME ALEX VIBES!

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  • I kissed a girl in 1 grade so haha lol

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  • This story better not be real🤣🤣 If it is I’m going to freakout

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  • lol 😂 this video was funny! ;)

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  • What a story 😕

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  • Ok I know why girls go to the bathroom they are scared

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  • That how us lifeguards beeeeeeeee

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  • yea i was 7 when i had my first kiss unfortunately we didn't understand making out so it was one plain kiss on off 1 second every day we saw each other my first kiss was when my friend brought me into my room and said do you want to be my boyfriend and said heel yea and we kissed im 12 and she dumped me when i was 8 this got another boyfriend dumped him and stopped dating i still waiting for her to come back

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  • My hand slipped and I touched the dislike button I bet to do like button but good video

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  • Okay do you still need to stop being an idiot her dad and mom are stupid you should have said she cornered me in the room it was he and she tried to kiss me too and I wanted to kiss to

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  • bro you tell the coolest stories

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  • That dad sure really wants you to kiss his daughter

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  • 1:51-1:52 Fnaf reference

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  • This video is so much detailed like bruh it's so dynamic, to be honest!

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  • Im going to make u disperse gets wand

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  • Why do you senser the naked girls

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  • WAit wait wait you bit into her 😂

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  • Zwoozie: doesn’t kiss girl Dad: Then you will die braver than most... perhaps I was wrong

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  • Girls go to the bathroom together cause they talk about problems

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  • ;’)

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  • Please do not scrub stuff like that it makes me a little uncomfortable at the last part of the video

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  • Swoozie

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  • When he kiss the girl it just reminds him that her lips are dount

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  • No homo but... GIMME DAT DEE

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  • Girls go to the bathroom together bcz they need to vent, or they just need to talk bad shiz crazy about someone else- oh... uhmmm

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  • 5:14

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  • 1:50 is that purple guy from FNaF!??!?!? LOL

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  • My dude, your thumbnail is so misleading. The video is wayyyyyy better then the thumbnail.

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  • Most awardedness ever lol 2:14

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  • isnt it weird to sit on the floor wearing swimming costumes next to a fireplance drinking wine? only me who has this thought? ok

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  • Look behind swoozie is a laser sword

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  • Why did you not fuck hir

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  • Me: if i was him I am gonna do that Wife: your cheating?! Me: No I’m not I can explain

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  • So funny haha but i like and am died me mom Will kill me is a prank Are u see lol

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  • Actually when girls go to the bathroom they gosip about stuff! They were probably talking smack or something

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  • If you have watched harry potter Myrtle died genny got Abducted Hermione founded a troll Katie got cursed so that's why we don't go alone

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  • Swoozie ugly ash 😂

  • a girl I can tell you we go to the restroom together because it’s a place where we can fix our hair,talk,fix our makeup,etc.

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