My First Kiss

9 Bal 2017
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😗Originally this was the 6th video I uploaded to youtube when I first started. Before HD or even widescreen lol; This time for the remix I included some details that I left out of the first version (like the fact that I worked at the hotel this all happened at)
🖥Watch more:
Why Guys Would Die as Gilrs:
FIVE GUYS in da hood:
🎨First 2 mins of animation by: BlackSen
The from 2:10 mark on animation by:
Animators: Chris + Alex
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SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps
🎧 Outro song: "Twerk for Master" by BDP:

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  • Huh that dad was................ weird

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  • 1:51 I LOVE THIS REFERENCE! Mike afton from Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location! And hand unit that he is holding. I love it so much! I’m a HUGE fnaf fan by the way. And just subscribed to you today sWooZie!

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  • Bro that be thin shshgdhshehe

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  • When he said "He fell on a knife" and the Cop said "There are 47 stabs"....I would have said "He fell on 47 knifes dawg"

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  • I know People...That know people Me: *grabs Jesus Cross*

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  • Her lips were so smmmooooooorh

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  • WHAT DA FUCK Nikky ❤Swoozie

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  • WTF Nikky ❤ Boy Red

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  • He did not say fech me my shotgun

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  • Little kids be like: SIMP

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  • Just like my first kiss

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  • 1:39 why does her dad look like the grubhub guy.

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  • Dad: u better Kiss Her 11111111111111x

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  • Dad: U BETTER kiss HER Swoozie: Dad why you want me to kiss HER? Dad: because i want you to do it Swoozie: why? Dad: DO IT!!! JUST, DO IT!!!!! Swoozie: Wow dad, if you stop talking to me I will KISS HER! Dad: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Swoozie: ok

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  • 4:17

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  • Did you get her phone number at least

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  • what is the theme when swoozie kissed the girl?

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  • yo bro good for you mr swozie

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  • 5:17 what is the sound effect its like a victory music I want it

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  • Sad wow

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  • Why iam a fish AND CAN'T SWIM IN THIS POOL

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  • Who else american trinidadian

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  • 1:25 omg 1:33 😳 4:19 omg are they having sEX

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  • 0:48 what?

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  • Me when you still haven’t kiss a girl gotta save it till marriage lol

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  • 1:52 fnaf is where you worked my guy

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    -_-ᖴͥίᙁͣᙃͫίᙁᙓᒐᙏಥ-_-ᖴͥίᙁͣᙃͫίᙁᙓᒐᙏಥPrieš 10 dienų
  • Bruh i once have went into the krispie kreme area and ate the donuts off of the line that has the fresh donuts and i got fired after that and yes it has to be an escape room in the girls bathroom because they like scream like what the.

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  • eyyy I found an FNAF easter egg MICHELL!! my dude

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  • Ok Now this video makes me learn what feels to kissing with a defrence gender

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  • Roses are red violets are blue The next thing you know... she.... is on top of you...

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  • The dad called him a yellow turd

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  • Don't use the Lord's name in vain

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  • My sis nick name is Nicky

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  • nice FNAF reference

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  • "Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait"

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  • Fnaf reference

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  • Omg what? Dude you got a first kiss?! Good job, but I dont have a first kiss. Plz don't call me loser

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  • Woken in a nutshell

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  • oMgggg HeR liPs were soooOOOooOoOo sOoooOoOft YaaLlll

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  • Why does Nicky's dad look like fgteev

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  • Nope I’m not getting a kiss when I get like 82 days old

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  • This is the first swoozie video I ever watched

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  • Man I have kissed 1000 of times

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    • And who cares?

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  • Did u merry her?

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  • 2:29 bruh I slowed playback speed to read it lol

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  • Imagine if she sees this

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  • if ai see two sexy girls ai whuld say boring or just ignore them

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    • swoozie is that guy that has wet dreams every day but irl

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  • Is it true

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  • I mean I love love stories but I have no need for a relationship

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  • Why was there that fnaf sister locatsion name thingy there?

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  • Nice awesome kill me kill me

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  • 3:05 “ canoodling “

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