Middle School Class President

9 Bir 2019
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Me doing the most in middle school.
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  • “My first lady squeeze” LMAOOOOO 😂🤣

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  • I want the part to play bfg division

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  • Bro I love this video.

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  • Lol I'm from Haïti

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  • I’m the chosen one got me

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  • You vs kindergarten be like goku vs freiza force

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  • It’s funny u say Jeremy W. Bc my name is Jeremy White and so is my dads

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  • I had a friend in 4th grade he was 6,4 ft but he was big as he could get

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  • Hi

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  • Jeremy combined president and vice president Jeremy the Fuhrer?!

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  • Swoozie:*sees first graders* Also swoozie:*mortal combat intensifies*

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  • 0:54 The subtitel’s say You guys picked the wrong day to rob some national city bank

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  • I was 6 foot in 6th grade

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  • Same fam I love to throw them

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  • Son was on his Madara

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  • Video

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  • Me realizing that nobody cares about the west wing reference other than me

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  • That teacher I wish I had

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  • Yo you said Haiti man that's where I was born I am a literal child man keep on doing your work bro

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  • Y'all remember Jeremy ware from the "Cheating with my teacher" video Jeremy ware 33% F, Jeremy ware 60% percent F, Jeremy ware 70 percent C. Wow Jeremy your getting better🤣🤣

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  • Jane asking the other kid out was the best part of this video. *OOF*

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  • Little babies from Haiti 😭😂

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  • 6ft Lightskins will take over anybody’s life

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  • He talk to a girl dude he took your girl

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  • On a huge Swoozie binge/re-watch rn... Wanted to say that telling that you'll make sure that less homework will be given is something everyone says and it always works for the that get voted in. I personally tried three times to get into student council as it's called over here. In 5th grade, and I missed out on ONE vote. Now in middle school, 8th grade to be exact and I failed tremendously and then last year in 10th grade I tried again, it was very unorganized, pretty much like Adande described here, our teacher said it was happening and then two or three days later the vote happened, I decided to jump in the day of the vote, came up with some shit, less homework included obviously. Two guys decided to run together so our teacher made it so you'd either vote for them or me and this other dude, and we actually won! I was surprised because as I said I failed tremendously two years prior but although this was a different class, I still didn't expect to win and I heard from many that we won mostly because of me, which I was even more surprised by. Now thing is I wasn't in a great social position in elementary school and decided to move to a middle/high school that's in a different neighborhood and a bunch of people from across the city (Tel Aviv, Israel) go to. It's also a fantastic school and we study with laptops but that's not the main point here. So then, after I was voted into the grade council, there were votes for the general school council, two people from each grade make up a 12 person council. I didn't promote myself and tbh I again wasn't expecting to win. We had some kind of rally or whatever before the day of the elections, most of us speak, this kid who's probably high all the time (wish I was joking, I know for a fact one of his friends is and the other guy that got into the grade council with me is also friends with him), he makes a joke out of everything and in turn himself and everyone fucking loves him, anyway, he got a ton of votes and was chosen, awesome... When it was my turn to speak I heard people telling me to stand up from my seat and I got cheered and shit, was quite awesome, said my piece, took a slight at that dude and sat back down, I felt as though I had a good chance, even this hot girl who's supposedly the hottest in our grade (she isn't imo but some do think that, it's general consensus, there a couple of others that look just as good if not better) turned to me during a lesson and said: "Well we know that guy's getting picked, wish it could've been us but if one of us gets elected alongside him I'll be happy" I had nothing good to say back so I just said: "Yeah I know, a bit of shame but it what it is". I didn't get elected in the end unfortunately, but then again Covid spread so there wouldn't have been much to do anyway, not like there was anything to do in the grade council. We had a parents day a few weeks later and my teacher told me and my parents that I finished joint 3rd in votes, we all couldn't believe it, I asked him if he was genuine and he said: "Yeah, I'm staring right at the results and I'm so proud of you". So what I'm trying to say here is a change of scenery can be absolutely incredible for your life, you might be down atm but a different place means a new start and even if you don't flourish from the beginning, you very well could later on. A new scenery can help your self confidence tremendously, as it did for me and still is doing.

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  • dude the batman refrence sounded more like the green arrow watch pls

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  • You don't get copyrighted no I know you're Susie so you know you're going to get copyrighted I done it what is your real name sorry I cannot put your name in the chat how do I get Susie real name

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    • Wtf

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  • K Susie do you play fortnite Keshon can you teach me or they

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    • add me fluid-basin7

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  • Lol the teacher

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  • Who’s here in 2020

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  • The ending batman song 👍

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  • trini from arima

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  • I don't think jane a have a boyfriend in the 6th grade cause doesn't she know that anything before high school doesn't count but jane a freak so yeah

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  • Is that the same shawn from ydsg since you said he was light skin

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  • i play fight to but i do with my cousins so i don't get beat up

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  • what did the beating up 1st graders have to do with anything

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  • "Adande *chew chew* is the *chew President" 😂😂

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  • Did he go to lake hiland prep

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  • Please tell me that’s not the same Jane that ice assaulted you

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  • Kk slider at the end, was not expecting that

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  • ZJDJDJ I had a math teacher named Mrs Thompson in middleschool

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  • Did u just ues sad doctor face

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  • What a life! You had a crazy childhood 👍🏽👏🏼

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  • Yo my science teacher name is ms Thompson

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  • Can we just mention the fact that the fighting in playground with kids have nothing to do with the story

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  • The end song bro

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  • Dude was madara before madara crushed the shinobi

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  • Hey when you making a nother vid

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  • Being school president is like being Vice President. You’re irrelevant and nobody talks about you

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  • In 6th grade I unofficially ran for class President because I didn’t realize I had to fill stuff out with the office and meet certain academicallllll criteria n shit, I ended up coming to school putting up posters I worked on for weeks, wore a lil suit and everything. And a teacher in charge of the election came up to me and was like “honey, you can’t run you didn’t register and don’t meet the criteria” and this lady walked to each poster I put up and made me take them down IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL. So yeah horrible experience 😂

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  • You stopped being president and went back to fighting kids

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  • 2+39=56 I’m sure that’s wrong

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  • 4:03 got me laughing hardddddd😂

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  • WTF

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  • Teacher:your just gonna let Tina kiss babies :Few seconds later Teacher:I'm going to chick ⬇️

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  • Swoozi didn’t upload Me-SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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  • You should have stayed president and gave shawn triple the amount of home work and suspended him.

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  • Spam fs in the chat bois

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  • I liked all your videos

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  • The seen of david in the rain broke my heart I now sad :'(

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  • Loving the math on the board 🤣

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  • Yo

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  • wait why did u say that she kisses baby's like she like👩

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  • I remember this was the first vid I seen of u when u posted it

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  • I feel bad for Tina B., girl was prepared win the presidency and she wasn’t even runner up, she was dead last.

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  • Swoozie: I was like batman being a superhero,Running Wayne Enterprises and running for Major Green Arrow: Am I a joke to you

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  • 1:18 a=17 r=12 z=15

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  • Best animator on LTworlds..you and young don

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  • Yo.. Shawn's high top fade was on point thou🔥🔥🤣🤣

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  • If my elementary school saw us touching never the less play fighting, we’d lose 5 minutes of our recess.

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  • I’m from Haiti;-:

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  • I feel like all teachers like chic fa le

  • Nobody talking about how Jeremy planned this from the beginning? Like, man he knew everything wth

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  • Just drowned in his sorrows

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  • live the home room teacher vouce

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  • 0:20 mind blowing idea

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  • Shawn is Etika❤🥺

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  • How did shon win even though the girl had a god dam presentation

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  • kill

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  • I'm new here, so don't hate. But there are some serious strong bad vibes here 😆

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  • Light skins sus

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  • Manz felt like Trunks going against Friezas soldiers

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  • You dumb you could been the king of the class

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  • That's the SAM jane. Wow

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  • I laughed my ass off when I saw the Jane was the same ice girl

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  • So what I got from this is that the girl that worked so hard even brought in powerpoints didnt even get a shot at being third in line for president. The guy who just sat there did. Your teacher was sleeping on the job

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  • no like actually fucked them up

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  • lol in kindergarten i was an asshole and beat the shit out of everyone lol

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  • At the end it’s K.K. Slider singing old town road

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  • 3:05

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  • 2:52

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  • Batman and running for mayor *Green Arrow Intensifies*

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  • 4:08 instant sadness moment

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  • was he called kanye?

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  • sWooZie: this was a daily activity for me and I never told anybody. Me: u just told 3,029,072 people.

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    • @Offworlder1 true true

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  • Tina B = Tina Belcher? Edit: Butts

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  • I want a full version of the outro

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  • As someone who has small siblings- play fighting is the best

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  • Yo, that was really me trying to fight a bunch of kids for no reason.

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