Is She Sending Mixed Signals?

21 Bir 2016
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Boy meets girl. Boy thinks: OMG! This girl is in to me! Girl thinks: I'm not in to him at all but I should definitely invite myself over at 1am!
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Camera and mic used // Canon 7D w/ vidmic pro
Edited + animated on // Final Cut Express
BB8 from Hollywood Studios
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  • Swoozie I love your videos

    Jidollies TylerJidollies TylerPrieš 4 dienas
  • love the vids

    Aidan SotoAidan SotoPrieš 6 dienų
  • Yo Swoozie why u got so much Krispy Kreme

    Chaos KoyoChaos KoyoPrieš 6 dienų
  • Aye swooze make a video on how to know when a girl like u

    its_ur_bro 7its_ur_bro 7Prieš 8 dienų
  • Same bro my frend he has a crush on me on a year and he don't tell me ye I'm 11 :333

    kidtravis1 :0kidtravis1 :0Prieš 8 dienų
  • Swoozie gets all the girls

    Lil scavengins2Lil scavengins2Prieš 8 dienų
  • Did anyone else notice the bb8 in the background

    William SandyWilliam SandyPrieš 10 dienų
  • I love you 😍 💗 💛 💓 ♥ 💖 😍 💗

    sharkgirl sharkboysharkgirl sharkboyPrieš 12 dienų
  • What’s that spinning bb8

    STIX GamingSTIX GamingPrieš 14 dienų
  • Worst thing of all time. Is if she grabed ur ummmm.. u know. (Ding-a-long) and say she don’t wanna do it. -_- ......... 💀

    Mr.Savage XOXO99Mr.Savage XOXO99Prieš 14 dienų
  • Ain't nobody gonna notice the three boxes of Krispy Kreme and a thing of munchkins

    Colin MurrayColin MurrayPrieš 20 dienų
  • all i can pay attention to are those doghnuts behind u🤤god im such a Taurus

    Colin HendersonColin HendersonPrieš mėn
  • anyone notice how much f a nerd he is? But hes the best kind: the cool ones

    Colin HendersonColin HendersonPrieš mėn
  • Those pizza boxes in the back caught my attention *-* I have to rewind the video

    Amoo BardiAmoo BardiPrieš mėn
  • Nice video

    Victor AdamczykVictor AdamczykPrieš mėn
  • Anyone see bb8 in the background spinning

    SinxSinxPrieš mėn
  • Who else was just staring at R2 D2

    Kera GeoghaganKera GeoghaganPrieš mėn
  • A girl squeezed my butt in the lunch line in middle school I was like 😳

    Jesus Is LordJesus Is LordPrieš mėn

    Fun with ArchieFun with ArchiePrieš 2 mėnesius
  • We gonna talk about how Swoozie was sexually assaulted lol

    ItsMePeytonItsMePeytonPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Ahh man this happend to me in freshmen year. I didn’t know how to react because none ever told me they had a crush on me

    Skyforce 213Skyforce 213Prieš 2 mėnesius
  • The best signal is saying "I like you" works every time, foolproof, people need to stop with the codes and hints all the time, I get it at first, like your still sizing the person up, but after a few weeks just say it

    Noam Singer The SongwriterNoam Singer The SongwriterPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • The start of that “who” sounded like Micheal Jackson lowkey!

    Paige DugganPaige DugganPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I have a crush on my friend and his brother is like OMG SHE LIKES YOU BROO and im like SHUT UPPPP STOOOOP NOOOOO

    Noelle MaciasNoelle MaciasPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Flippy got on at Krispy Kreme

    Andrew SimmonsAndrew SimmonsPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Dang swoozie always get all the girls

    Marchari WashingtonMarchari WashingtonPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I see BB8 sitting there

    katlego 426999katlego 426999Prieš 2 mėnesius
  • Youre glow up is real

    jay girljay girlPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Does anyone notice the food in the back

    Sir LaserSir LaserPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • 1:17 that mm-mm was so innocent 😇 😂

    Jade Eyed CalicoJade Eyed CalicoPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • my mans had a redstone torch 💀

    ThyKingDoggoThyKingDoggoPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Anyone see the droid literally spinning

    panda vlogspanda vlogsPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • First thing I saw was RTD2

    mike Wilsonmike WilsonPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • In elementary a lady friend thought I was gay till i got a girlfriend XD

    DLG GAMINGDLG GAMINGPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I was just watching the floating Star Wars robot

    AstroManiacAstroManiacPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Jeeeez! I’ve been watching you for 8 years and for all of those 8 years all I could ever think was... Who are these girls you keep getting into these situations with???!

    Hummingbird77Hummingbird77Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • I feel you someone likes me and I'm like ? I..mean wha I mean I never knew someone likedme

    Nathaniel KeyNathaniel KeyPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • was that guinep

    Infinite HolderInfinite HolderPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • i hate when people give mixed signals, like do you like them or not

    Abby's WorldAbby's WorldPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Bruh that Krispy Kream in the back making me hungry

    NKR #22NKR #22Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • He looks like a esicated sosage but ok

    signor toposignor topoPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Sometimes I wish these stories were longer

    Evan GriffinEvan GriffinPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • friends those are real

    ps killsps killsPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • “thats whats hot and popin in the streets r n”

    Scott McDermottScott McDermottPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Did you just bump into me nuh uh you sure mhm

    Ester WalshEster WalshPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • The stains on his bed tho

    Danny VKDanny VKPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Why can't women and girls just be straightforward with men and boys at all?

    Devin S.Devin S.Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • Big boxes of Krispy kreme😂

    Lets FishLets FishPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I know someone like that it's funny cus she known me for 7 years and she's always liked me, that's what she told me.

    QtBrooklynQtBrooklynPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Why do I see pizza in background now I am hungry

    AW GAMERAW GAMERPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I’m just drooling over them donuts😂

    Holly DaileyHolly DaileyPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Ha i never get mixed signals cuz i dont even go near girls who gives me signals

    WellRest ·WellRest ·Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • Guys only want one thing........... EVRYTHING

    WellRest ·WellRest ·Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • BB8 just be floating in da back grown😂

    _D.DOG__D.DOG_Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • nice krispy kreme in da backround

    TheBackwardTheBackwardPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • To the first 1 am girl, u should have just pin her n kissed🙃ya know like fifthy shades of grey then leave her on seen for a day 😂 let her be all confused 😂😂😂

    Fishka NoodleFishka NoodlePrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Omg

    Denny-ChanDenny-ChanPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Probably a dare but....

    Sky BotSky BotPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Do you see that bb8

    Dylan WalkerDylan WalkerPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • How you get these girls boy

    niko nightniko nightPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • G

    Oscar MarchOscar MarchPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Forget mix signals if there not direct than just let them be do yourself thing

    VashVashPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Bro that BB8 is kinda cool doe

    Tree On groundTree On groundPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 1:48 bb8 chillin

    Dontaevious ScoleosisDontaevious ScoleosisPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 1:45 sexual harassment... People: wow so normal. If Swoozie was a girl: That guy should go to jail!

    SpadeZapSpadeZapPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Guys only want one thing: Swoozie videos

    MrPiotrekskiMrPiotrekskiPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • His shirt tho😂

    Jahzi LanzotJahzi LanzotPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Yanique EllisYanique EllisPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Your shadows when your on the bed look like piss

    Bramm FriedmanBramm FriedmanPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Why are the other characters ar white

    Ethan JennettEthan JennettPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • A lot of this stems from girls thinking they can really be “friends” with guys.

    Andrew PendletonAndrew PendletonPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Lol he bought three pizzas

    ShadyShadyPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Y’all see dem Krispy Kreme donuts doh he got racks bruh

    slayer20 _slayer20 _Prieš 3 mėnesius
    • I wanna have Krispy Kreme’s now lol

      Ethanvill3 HighlightsEthanvill3 HighlightsPrieš 22 dienas
    • LMAO I was like "Aight who comin' over??" 😂

      Tamara PatronisTamara PatronisPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • How many girlfriends do you have bru : edit thank you for a hundred likes first time😇

    Kris freemanKris freemanPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • I‘m not real ""”""”’’’’’’"”"”’’’ ‘’’

      Cedric ThomasCedric ThomasPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • I have 2

      mk gamingmk gamingPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • 69?

      I‘m not realI‘m not realPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • Maybe 947.129.021

      KingNatsu KsaXKingNatsu KsaXPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • I have 3

      Elzie BriandElzie BriandPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Yo is that young don the sauce god

    CORAL FTWCORAL FTWPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • why all these girls playin with him like

    Kendra FoleyKendra FoleyPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Yoooo I see the food 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    Donovan HoltzDonovan HoltzPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I told a girl that I had a major crush on, after knowing her for 6 days, that I was miserable with my current abusive girlfriend. I would vent to her a lot how miserable I was in my relationship. I said that nobody else would date me and she said "I would date you" 3 years later we're still going strong I think most girls just want you to read their minds and once you do, it's like instant magic. It's harder though when a guy has to read a girl's mind. You could also just outright ask them if they're into you or ever would be, just make them feel comfortable enough to admit anything because if they might try to cover it up.

    TunabreathTunabreathPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Let me just say this... I'm oblivious to someone liking me (heck I don't even like myself ). Ok this happened twice, but a little different. I'm only gonna tell about the 1st one. In 4th grade I had this pitty friend (one of those people you're friends with because they have no one else) and somewhere at the end the last month of school... I here my actual friends talking about my pitty friend so I join the conversation and here's what they tell me: Friend #1: Did you know [Pitty friend] likes you? Me: Really? Friend #2 + #3: Yeah! So I walked over and asked him and here's what he said: Pitty friend: Well I like-like you... Me: [Buffering w/ No response] Pitty friend: I know you don't like me back but... I hope we can still be friends... I said sure and moved on.

    Jasmine FladgerJasmine FladgerPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • no ones talking about the floating bb8 on the corner of the table

    Landen GilliardLanden GilliardPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • This girl just sexually assaulted you and got away with it why can girls get away with anything

    Kirby with a knifeKirby with a knifePrieš 4 mėnesius
    • Jaks Bekalskkz yes anything or at least have less of a punishment

      DizzyDizzyPrieš mėn
    • anything..?

      Jaks BekalskkzJaks BekalskkzPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I need that BB8

    Scott MinnigScott MinnigPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • So I have this friend who’s a girl who I hang out with a lot. She keeps saying she wants to cuddle someone and stuff like that. I don’t like her, and we’re just homies. So I don’t know what’s going on but if anyone does that would be great to know.

    Freezy ColdFreezy ColdPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • To say it with Eminems words: "That's sexual harassment" I'm like "Yes ... and?"

    MuiSMuiSPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Good vid but them kryspy kreme...

    RatomeRatomePrieš 4 mėnesius
  • is any body watching this in 2020 and add how not is

    Xavier SullivanXavier SullivanPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • It was one of your boys 😂

    Harv WalshHarv WalshPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Ok but like what... how... how is that Star Wars thing FLOATING

    Julia CoderreJulia CoderrePrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Plot twist: It was one of his bro’s that grabbed his butt right as the girls walked by

    SolSolPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Broww adopt me as your lil brother, I always wanted a brother to go on adventures plsehh haha but seriously

    Alijandro CostanovaAlijandro CostanovaPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Me: *sees pizza boxes* Me: he really do be flexing on me

    Ruby rollacoasterRuby rollacoasterPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Swoozie best story teller and best comedian

    Plush DESTROYERPlush DESTROYERPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Girls aren’t the only one, guys give mix signals all the time

    KelefeltKelefeltPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • I got the worse case of mixed signals my g, needless to say we dont talk no more

    Jesse SolisJesse SolisPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • That Krispy Kreme in the back round tho

    Maks DojackMaks DojackPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Girl gets sexually assaulted: *Reports as harassment* Guy gets sexually assaulted: "Check out my DMs" *Girl reports as harassment*

    Sublime TVSublime TVPrieš 5 mėnesių
    • @Gseric47 I'm not saying you're wrong, but it's mostly a societal problem. When talking about harassment, it can also be verbal instead of physical. There are different forms of harassment. The problem is that guys are treated worse for harassment in society but if the girl does the same thing it's considered ok. Bunch of guys touching girls playfully? She must be getting molested! Bunch of girls touching guys playfully? He must be a pimp. Stop bringing up harassment only as a just physical problem. Guy whistles at girl: harassment Girl whistles at guy: she likes him (even though it's the same shit)

      Sublime TVSublime TVPrieš 5 mėnesių
    • @Sublime TV Nothing will change the fact that scientifically, it's easier for a man to enforce his will upon a woman than it is a woman to enforce her will upon a man. So naturally, women will have higher favor in this area of discussion. It's just a fact man. There are a *lot* of snakes out there, and we as men have to be smart in dealing with them.

      Gseric47Gseric47Prieš 5 mėnesių
    • @Gseric47 It has nothing to do with strength. I've been harassed by girls at school and I'm a guy.

      Sublime TVSublime TVPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • With food behind you am getting hungry

    Joshua StudioJoshua StudioPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Does anyone see BB8

    D.B. CherryD.B. CherryPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • What if it wasn't even that girl it was someone else who like dipped before you spotted em 😂

    Ms. AnonymousMs. AnonymousPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • 1:41 IT'S THE CRZY EX GF

    SuçonsSuçonsPrieš 5 mėnesių