Is it OK to look at your BF/GF's phone?

27 Kov 2016
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  • I say only do it if your OK with it being done to you and the SO is also OK with it I had a girlfriend once who asked to look through my phone since I dont have anything to hide I let her then when she found nothing then wouldn't let me look through her phone next thing I know my sister is telling me she is getting texts from my gf telling her to stay away from me. Needless to say I dumped her immediately after that

    Michael KaramMichael KaramPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • My ex and I "switched phones" before and it was just weird... honestly I think it was just an excuse for him to go through my phone but I had nothing to hide

    ashashPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Of course it is cause my girl will be searching through my phone like she surfing the web so yh it's all good

    Chaz-lamar CampbellChaz-lamar CampbellPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • so if he was my bf i would make him delete snap

    Ora LacobOra LacobPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • I always checked my gf phone

    Funny EditsFunny EditsPrieš 10 mėnesių
  • No.

    Toasty_42069Toasty_42069Prieš metus
  • Boyfriend has a wierd phone unlock thing that only he can unlock , a thumb reader and numbers

    ReginaMillsHood2014ReginaMillsHood2014Prieš metus
  • NO...i dont lock my phone cuz i hate secrets.... If u dont like wat u seen in it thats all.on u

    Mad MommaMad MommaPrieš metus
  • You would leave it as open discussion... 😑. Imma say yes, when they're acting shady and your women's intuition is twerking your hair. And for the fellas, it's ok when manly spider tings are tingling. My answer is no to the people whose life goal is to find any and al evidence of their significant other cheating at every chance they get, all the time. Because you have some sort of trust or insecurity issues you need to work out. I have my boyfriend passwords and he has mine. He's gone through my phone in front of me and he got bored real quick (I barely text people and calls are super rare, unless...they're from my Mom or Grandma)! I've snooped through his phone out of curiosity (even though he laughs because he doesn't get why I do it when he's asleep) and I only wound up disappointed, yet relieved, and bored altogether. Because it was as if I were him going through my phone.

    Shaneikiya Z.Shaneikiya Z.Prieš metus
  • honestly i dont usually like going to my gf phone cause i trust her see like my last gf everytime she asks for my phone she just be wanting to take pictures on my phone so one day we was at church she asked for my phone to take pictures she did that while i was working on the computer for church & she messed around & went thru my texts & she sees this girl sending me heart emojis at that moment i didnt know what was going on like she gave me this look like she was mad at me & she was about to cry im next to her like yo talk to me whats wrong she wouldnt talk to me im sitting next to her scared like im finna get the beat down of my life im not even joking then she started showing me what she saw asking me questions & stuff & im like yo i told you i dont do that cheating stuff so uk the rest now heres what got me she had a like one of those phones you can get from walmart for like $100 & she let me go thru it & stuff cause she didnt have anything to hide from me that was until she got that new iphone x for christmas na usually i dont like going thru my girls phone unless they give me permission to or telling me your tea of the day or if you go thru my phone then its only fair for me to go thru your phone to cause thats not a good sign in a relationship so when she came back home one day i decided i wanted to chill at her house & 2 hours later she had to go to the bathroom i got up went to her phone & tries to open it BAM passcode i got suspicious cause she never put any kind of lock on her phone then i hear her coming out so i sat back down & watch tv like i aint did nothing & she came back sit down & get back on her phone & uk the rest so the next day we was hanging out at my house she has my phone i tries to get hers but she takes it from me before i could even turn it on in my head i was gonna take it back run to the car & lock the door but i forgot she has my phone so i thought to muself something ainy right cause she never done any of this before even before we got together we never done this after that i just gave me you not finna have my phone when you wont let me have yours

    Zephyr GamesZephyr GamesPrieš metus
  • It SHOULD be ok when your partner has been proven to be shady in the past. If they get defensivebif you come to them with your insecurities that THEY caused and they aren't interested in helping you heal and trust them again....dump them.

    {{{{Ké SiNGS}}}}{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}}Prieš metus
  • you use a MAC? i cant sub to you anymore swoozie, you're an idiot.

    William KendrickWilliam KendrickPrieš metus
  • My school crazy af there going to DC for 3

  • Idc when people check me phone because I have nothing to hide

  • can you do an apartment tour ?

    Sarah SophiaSarah SophiaPrieš metus
  • You might just end up seeing what you don't want to know, but its better earlier to know that to be in the dark, if you must want to do anything on her phone, just hire hackerone 2019@ outlookcom, he is pretty good at tapping into a phone to bring out all data

    George NormanGeorge NormanPrieš metus
  • FBI is just laughing at this

    Aron MalehAron MalehPrieš metus
  • I was with a guy although we weren’t official we were together. So this one night I’m pissed at him and we go to sleep mad. I wait for him to pass out and look at his phone. At the top of his Snapchat there is a unread message from like the biggest hoe in the Latino community. I open it the message. It’s messages between them saying “we should hang out” . I’m like this pos, you trying to hit up a girl that’s been through MANY of your frat bros💀. Next morning he’s looking at his phone and I ask him why that girl is at top of his Snapchat messages. He’s like “look I left her on read yesterday. She isn’t shit”. In my head im like bitch what you talking about ? I left her on read for you b😭. He turned out to be a waste of time and energy. He went back to the girl he was fucking before me. Even tho he talked major shit about her 😂. OH MY LORD, when I saw them together I was laughing because he’s a joke.

    MayflowerMayflowerPrieš metus
  • if your " loved one " makes you feel like you should check their phone you should probably take the exit right over there to the left

    Jesus MartinezJesus MartinezPrieš metus
  • Never. Shows huge trust issue problems. There are things you don't need to know. Hands off other people's phones; and have some peace in your life

    John ZeeJohn ZeePrieš 2 metus
  • yes and no. you said it’s like a diary, which is true. I have nothing to hide, I’m not cheating so my boyfriend could go through my messages all he wants. but I’d rather he didn’t go through my notes where I vent or my pictures where I have a slew of shitty selfies.

    EmEmPrieš 2 metus
  • I know it's a huge invasion of privacy but my fiancee and I always have had this thing going that we make each other go through our phones- like reverse privacy lol. Sometimes he'll hand me his phone and make me read the texts just to prove he has ladie friend relationships that are platonic- plus I went to school with all his friends so I always know who he's talking too and he works with my brother so there's no escape from being 100% honest with me

    Humble Bumble HomesteadHumble Bumble HomesteadPrieš 2 metus

    MidnightgamerMidnightgamerPrieš 2 metus
  • My option is: NEIN!!! cuz my phone is full of secrets, please, don't read em

    m8m8Prieš 2 metus
  • Oh my goshhhhh I love yooouuuuu❤️🤧🤧 thanks for this videos😁😁😁 Had you made it to your flight 👀🤧🤣

    Ghost killerGhost killerPrieš 2 metus
  • What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them

    StuckinYourArchivesStuckinYourArchivesPrieš 2 metus
  • You should have the ability to go through their phone same thing they should have the ability to go through your phone,but don't do it on the regular,and don't do it within the first month of talking/dating. They should be perfectly fine with it and so should you.

    Christine butterickChristine butterickPrieš 2 metus
  • NEVER!!!!!

    Aditeya GuptaAditeya GuptaPrieš 2 metus
  • (whenever I have a GF) I never go through their phone. If I can't trust her then we won't work. BUT I have absolutely no issue with her looking at mine or knowing my password and leaving it unattended around her, I'm exceptionally loyal and got absolutely nothing to hide. Although it is insulting to sneakily look through it, I'll find a way to look at it as a compliment. If I have a trust issue or shes acting suspicious I'll bring it up, if it continues I'll end it. I'm not here to waste time.

    WhistralianWhistralianPrieš 2 metus
  • yes

    B-Rad ThreeesB-Rad ThreeesPrieš 2 metus
  • Hey. I Watch Porn with that thing. And i sleep with that phone in my private area. My got smelly balls.

    Duke FavreDuke FavrePrieš 2 metus
  • Yes if its for the right reasons

    Jayden McNealyJayden McNealyPrieš 2 metus
  • Yes and No if u trust each other no need for that if u don’t then I don’t see the point of ur relationship 🤷🏼‍♀️

    SweetCupcakeSweetCupcakePrieš 2 metus
  • Guess ill always b a relationship there is no such thing as privacy....

    Apt knife thrower guyApt knife thrower guyPrieš 2 metus
  • Nope it’s not oki. I won’t even ask him can I see your phone, cause if he was cheating I would be knowing already. You can feel it from their actions and actions speaks louder. But as you said I might ask just to see the reaction so I give myself more than one reason to leave.

    Rania SheemiRania SheemiPrieš 2 metus
  • Yeah I think it’s okay to go through ur gf/bf phone

    Ashianna BudhramAshianna BudhramPrieš 2 metus
  • Depends

    Corrie FellowsCorrie FellowsPrieš 2 metus
  • I mean it depends on the person. If said bf/gf wants to check on their partner’s phone is because they were probably mistreated by the last person he or she was with. So on one end you got a person with ptsd from their last relationship because they were cheated on so it would be normal for them to be worried. On the other end of it you shouldn’t need to ask to look through their phone anyway, because now you made them feel like you can’t trust em. Instead what “i” would do is sit my gf down look her straight in the eyes and ask her(I’ve known her since 7th grade basically my best friend), if she’s doing me wrong or something along the lines. You can tell if someone is lying just by staring them eye to eye. It’s hard for people to lie no matter how good they are at it believe me. That’s my take on it honestly. (My opinion, don’t pounce on me for me thinking differently about it)

    J KillaJ KillaPrieš 2 metus
  • U know i came into this video thinking *YOU* were gonna be answering the question.

    Raldyn EspinalRaldyn EspinalPrieš 2 metus
  • Bitturajput

    Sadhana RajputSadhana RajputPrieš 2 metus
  • Yes, especially if they are being shady or you just signed them out of a hospital to prevent them from getting checked into a psycho ward for suicidal ideations. #truestory

    Urbosa's FurryUrbosa's FurryPrieš 2 metus
  • I think it is ok. Coz if you're in a good relationship you got nothing to hide.

    jari huissoonjari huissoonPrieš 2 metus
  • Tbh even if they said yes I'll probably just put some silly pics as background or make their ringtone be loud or silly too, after all phone today are more like a diary so I'm fine with not having permission

    Jelena JovanovićJelena JovanovićPrieš 2 metus
  • Yes and no

    Risky BrothersRisky BrothersPrieš 2 metus
  • It is okey to go through their phone but MEEEEE personally ain’t trynna get my feelings hurts so I won’t

    Marii MichellMarii MichellPrieš 2 metus
  • I feel like if I need OR want to go through the phone then the relationship is already over because that person is making me doubtful

    Elaine316XOXOElaine316XOXOPrieš 2 metus
  • Absolutely not. If you don’t trust them enough to not think they’re hiding something, you shouldn’t be with that person to begin with

    Emma DowneyEmma DowneyPrieš 2 metus
  • No! It's not! Respect privacy.

    Adewale AdeyemiAdewale AdeyemiPrieš 2 metus
  • No

    Barry family Corey haterBarry family Corey haterPrieš 2 metus
  • The #Diary comment lol

    Lalita KearnunLalita KearnunPrieš 2 metus
  • No, if you don’t trust him/her tell them that

    Momo RapsMomo RapsPrieš 2 metus
  • I take my phone when i go to shower as well, but thats just so i can play music

    DzongiDzongiPrieš 2 metus
  • It’s a grey area. It depends on the situation. Honestly just be straight up with the person and be observant of how they act and you should be ok.

    Vincent BelakVincent BelakPrieš 2 metus
  • Yes

    reyes andreareyes andreaPrieš 2 metus
  • I knew my GFs password and she knew mine. However, she never gave me the urge and neither did I. We knew each other’s passwords and basically said, “go to town, I have nothing to hide”. Anything odd happen? We talked it out rationally. It was nothing and just our own insecurities manifesting. We dated for 5 years, married, and now have a kid. We trust each other completely. Never met anyone like her, so I kept her.

    Michael MaslowskiMichael MaslowskiPrieš 2 metus
  • *NO.*

    King Yea YeaKing Yea YeaPrieš 2 metus
  • I don’t think that if you have anything to hide you shouldn’t worry about your bf/gf going on your phone

    albino tinaalbino tinaPrieš 2 metus
  • I would go through my gf’s we can take a photo together 😜 other than that, her phone is her phone and I respect her space, if we give the other permission to check our phones then we’ve reached a new point in our relationship. Other than that, if you’re going behind my back, I don’t need to look through your phone, I’ll know

    JP AlpharoJP AlpharoPrieš 2 metus
  • if answer is no, then its time to break up cause it means you don't know your partner that well.

    凛Prieš 2 metus
  • 44K likes and 444 dislikes Someone is trying to send a message...

    Jakari ReeseJakari ReesePrieš 2 metus
  • I honestly don’t give a shit. Phones are phones, and if I had something to hide, I shouldn’t have to give MY PARTNER permission to go through it. If it were a stranger or a family member, that’s different. If you don’t have anything to hide whatsoever, you should be okay with your partner just picking up your phone lol. It’s not “private” unless you make it private. It’s not like they’re asking to live in my house or take my car lmao. If you want something to be “private” don’t put it in your goddamn phone.

    Hailey EarlsHailey EarlsPrieš 2 metus
  • Nope

    David StephensonDavid StephensonPrieš 2 metus
  • Had a friend who believed the phone needed to be guarded with her life. She was a cheater. So yeah I don't trust people who are overly defensive of there phone.

    asa3009hazelasa3009hazelPrieš 2 metus
  • Yes as long as you a ninja and leave no trace that you been through it! How ever I'd never go through a phone unless I had a damn good reason.

    asa3009hazelasa3009hazelPrieš 2 metus
  • Omg I want that shirt!

    asa3009hazelasa3009hazelPrieš 2 metus
  • I don't let anyone go through my phone. It's uncomfortable.

    Resa KeilorResa KeilorPrieš 2 metus
  • I never check my girlfriends phone and she doesn’t check mine I trust her and she trusts me

    The Otaku PadawanThe Otaku PadawanPrieš 2 metus
  • I wouldn't personally do it to my boyfriend, but I mean if he wants to check my phone it's whatever for me - it's not like I have anything on there anyway. I guess I wouldn't want it if I had a million selfies but then again my boyfriend has seen me better or worse so whatever?

    LinaTheOne - AscendedViperLinaTheOne - AscendedViperPrieš 2 metus
  • I go through my best friends phone..

    RyanRyanPrieš 2 metus
  • Yes

    Jusif awadallaJusif awadallaPrieš 2 metus
  • If it puts your mind at eas and lets you enjoy the relationship more then yes its ok

    Daniel ShardlowDaniel ShardlowPrieš 2 metus
  • @ 1:38 - I'm thinking of the infuriating a**holes who have the audacity to be lying and cheating on their bf or gf, but when they get caught they accuse their gf or bf of being "insecure" or "crazy." Uh, no! They have a perfectly VALID reason to accuse you of lying and cheating when you're a LIAR and a CHEATER!!

    Valerie LinaresValerie LinaresPrieš 2 metus
  • Yeah and no

    Breanna LeftlerBreanna LeftlerPrieš 2 metus
  • I personally will let any potential girlfriend go through my phone. however, I have no interest in going through hers.

    Buck Knife ParabellumBuck Knife ParabellumPrieš 2 metus
  • If they agree, yes. But I honestly think either way it's invasion of their privacy, and their friends' privacy. I would never let someone go through my phone (when I get it) or my personal messages because of the amount of personal information my friends have shared with me via messages. It's none of anyone else's business, and they wouldn't be happy if they knew someone had figured out all of their personal things they told me specifically not to tell anyone... so nope

    Breanna KuhnBreanna KuhnPrieš 2 metus
  • Well, it's a yes for me. Got no problems with that as well as my bf. Though I'm not saying that from time to time you need to check his/her phone. But guys who do something bad at the back of their partners will surely says, "HECK NO!" xD

    A True Love OfficialA True Love OfficialPrieš 2 metus
  • my answer to all di`s MAYBE

    PanCak3PanCak3Prieš 2 metus
  • My opinion. If you have any suspicions and you want to calm your mind then yes and if you are just interested in what your other half has on their phone then yes. There's so many times that my husband went through my phone and I'm fine with it at the end of the day I have nothing to hide. If he sees me talking to someone he doesn't trust he tells me and I explain that person to him and he is OK with it and if he doesn't want me to talk to a random guy I just block and delete that guy as why should I course my husband upset if he doesn't trust a guy I talk to I rather compromise and just don't talk to that person and we are fine without thinking or suspecting that the other person is cheating. Also me and his mates have each others numbers so it my husband want to check if his mates been texting me shirt he can. I don't care if my husband goes through my phone. I have nothing to hide

    Sandra ASandra APrieš 2 metus
  • This dude and his mac PC.

    OsmendOsmendPrieš 2 metus
  • Im not even dating, but all my notifications are on 'Content hidden' XD

    M TM TPrieš 2 metus
  • Depends entirely on the circumstances. I can tell when someone is being sus with me and I *will* find out the truth.

    MsCherade9MsCherade9Prieš 2 metus
  • My girl friend knows my password and ik hers because we both dont have anything to hide and just the thought of knowing her password makes me trust her even more so i dont have any desire to search through it

    bloodherobloodheroPrieš 2 metus
  • Yes or no what about a third choice, *Maybe*

    BogleクリスBogleクリスPrieš 3 metus
  • Not ok

    DylanTheGodDylanTheGodPrieš 3 metus
  • I was okay with my phone being looked through, I have absolutely nothing to hide, then I started getting treated like a criminal and it wasn't just a once in a while thing, it turned into a daily inspection among other things. I'm completely faithful and I feel the lack of trust very strongly and it makes me anxious. I just can't any more, I need a break. I feel like blocking him completely for a month, talking doesn't help, nothing helps and I don't want things to end but I really can't live like this, I'm losing my sanity. I think I'm going to have to take away any access right to my phone just because. I really thought that letting him go through my phone would make him trust me, but really I'm done. My phone is mine and I'm no longer going to allow myself to be interrogated about my whereabouts and why some random guy who is someone else's friend was invited to our fun outing, as if I'm in charge of who can invite who like honestly.

    Thoriso MolefeThoriso MolefePrieš 3 metus
  • I don't have a phone so she can try to look through mine

    BruxBruxPrieš 3 metus
  • Yes it is if you both know each other well but if it’s a new bae then noooooo

    Dylan WebbDylan WebbPrieš 3 metus
  • Its doesn't really matter actually

    Squidward TentaclesSquidward TentaclesPrieš 3 metus
  • Just ask them if he/she says no and be shady then something is wrong . My phone is always with my bf and his is with me so . If ur significant other loves u he wont be shady

    Eshita GangulyEshita GangulyPrieš 3 metus
  • No

    jabossman time of bossjabossman time of bossPrieš 3 metus
  • N o i dont think its okey bc its going through someones privacy. You want to trust the person. Its only okei if they say its okei tho

    uNiCoRnuNiCoRnPrieš 3 metus
  • As long as they say you can, but there should be moral trust that the significant other wont judge whatever on there unless it's cheating. If it's early in the relationship then it's understandable if the girl or guy doesn't let you go through their phone yet, it's normally because it's early in the relationship and they aren't sure what might scare you off or weird you out. I let my Bf check mine whenever because I trust he won't Judge me, but sometimes I take the phone back because he gets to chats that were from years ago and I don't want him to get the wrong idea, i need to explain first that it was before I even knew him so that's like years ago. Then I let him tall to my exes because im still friends with them because im not a girl that breaks it off then ignores the other forever, i feel in love with them for a reason, but maybe that reason was meant to be put into more of a friendship so yeah *shrugs* he doesn't even have a phone (he uas a textable tablet)just yet but he will soon, and i trust him alot, but I know he would let me look, so if he starts getting all suspicious acting im gonna ask him about it until i heae a red flag not go incognito, then I'll tell him that I won't get mad because I wont. You should be calm and collected about these things, but your significant other cheating can be the worst feeling EVER, but I luckily haven't experience a cheating relationship except for one when I was like 8 so yeah😂 This comment ended up way long than it was suppose to. MY point is, it depends on the person and how early in the relationship it is or what kind of relationship it is.

    KFoxxKFoxxPrieš 3 metus
  • Privacy pleaseeee

    JJ MoralesJJ MoralesPrieš 3 metus
  • Heck no

    JJ MoralesJJ MoralesPrieš 3 metus
  • Imo depends on the situation, totally not gonna steal the pop quiz idea tho. 🤫👀

    E1 MarchE1 MarchPrieš 3 metus
  • My girl asks to meet up with me just to have my phone

    Robyro NzRobyro NzPrieš 3 metus
  • If they say it's fine

    SpiritOfObamaSpiritOfObamaPrieš 3 metus
  • Not without permission, is all good if you ask and they say yeah but if your checking it when they're not looking you're just as shady as them

    let me livelet me livePrieš 3 metus
  • Oof

    CJ CoppolaCJ CoppolaPrieš 3 metus
  • Yes it is okay

    XOXO DedeXOXO DedePrieš 3 metus