Drake vs Kendrick?

7 Vas 2016
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▼S/O to Marvel + Ion for putting me in Avengers Academy game. Free download: goo.gl/7HRVN1
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  • My president didn't even think about it

    Francisco TerronFrancisco TerronPrieš mėn
  • Like drake got clapped by Pusha T bruh. Imagine Kendrick taking the mic? The heck??

    Appelsauce17Appelsauce17Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • When in doubt, the answer is always Drake. Period.

    valerie melvalerie melPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 2:11 jesus, how short is Swoozie?

    Oliver OtterOliver OtterPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • its not a hard question my guy

    Cappie CartwheelCappie CartwheelPrieš 4 mėnesius
  • Drake sucks major azz and Obama

    Creature DomesCreature DomesPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Can i just say one thing? Swoozie for president!

    jay ortegajay ortegaPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • 💀💀💀 ouch

    Im Gae butIm Gae butPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Drake vs Kendrick? Me: Nahh (Futuristic) is the best!

    Private ThoughtsPrivate ThoughtsPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Ik Im late but 2 words for y’all who think Drake Can rap battle, remember...Pusha T

    Lumbago ForeverLumbago ForeverPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Meep

    Feckin KursedFeckin KursedPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Kendrick > Drake

    Orange AustronautOrange AustronautPrieš 6 mėnesių

    FoxFoxPrieš 6 mėnesių
    • Even though it was 4 years ago 🙃

      FoxFoxPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Ironic how there’s a dc poster in the background during a Marvel ad

    Alfie SaysAlfie SaysPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Kanye West is the only answer.

    Astro09Astro09Prieš 6 mėnesių
  • Kendrick absolutely

    Zero __xxZero __xxPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Bruh... Kendrick vs. Drake isn't even a question. If you've listened to both and you still prefer Drake I don't even wanna talk to you.

    Maks VertnikMaks VertnikPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • what drake song is sWooZie talking bout

    EmmanuellaEmmanuellaPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Kendrick the fucking g he spit bars

    Nick_NitesNick_NitesPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • What song did drake drop that referencrd obama

    Ayaz OrucAyaz OrucPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • Kendrick

    jwizzojwizzoPrieš metus
  • Last video i saw was 7 yrs ago " i heart you guys " im catchin up on7yrs worth of content and it just gets better

    ogflolawyaltogflolawyaltPrieš metus
  • Kendrick is better than drake

    Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous AnonymousPrieš metus
  • Wait which drake song was he referring to when he said that drake references this interview

    Angelina ThomasAngelina ThomasPrieš metus
  • I feel like when the White House people have a certain job that they need to follow criteria for with President Obama and Michelle Obama they rip their hair out because I've heard multiple stories of when they were in office they didn't conform to little boxes and that makes me smile

    Big Mama HopeBig Mama HopePrieš 2 metus
  • Kendrick would definitely murder Drake.

    Omega SamuraiOmega SamuraiPrieš 2 metus
  • Kendrick is wayyyyy better then drake💯💯💯💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    Shippai 1Shippai 1Prieš 2 metus
  • I would pick kendrick too because drake copied a couple of xxxtentacion (rip) And Kendrick omg he would murder drake

    playboicarti heheplayboicarti hehePrieš 2 metus
  • 2018 happens and we do get to see how Drake handles challenge. Anyway, Swoozie, we can't get over the that you met Obama. It's impressive that you play it cool and yet don't come off arrogant.

    Emmanuel oShaddaiEmmanuel oShaddaiPrieš 2 metus
  • Drake is soft af

    PanchoSeis66PanchoSeis66Prieš 2 metus
  • Kendrick would fucking destroy Drake

    n NiC K mn NiC K mPrieš 2 metus
  • K-dot for life

    DuplicatedDuplicatedPrieš 3 metus
  • 4:31 he started ‘sorry not sorry’ song

    Elise ChungElise ChungPrieš 3 metus
  • the fact that this video inspired drake lyrics

    VincetagramVincetagramPrieš 3 metus
  • Became friends with the president... just a usual day for Swooz

    Freak 08Freak 08Prieš 3 metus
  • Drake a ghost writer

    Mike MuthMike MuthPrieš 3 metus
  • Your the worse youtubers

    Matt GeraldMatt GeraldPrieš 3 metus
  • what drake song

    SuPaH SaiYan GeezySuPaH SaiYan GeezyPrieš 3 metus
  • Kendrick lamar

    dogsniffer guydogsniffer guyPrieš 3 metus
  • Kendrick by a long shot

    Geykume OnfroyGeykume OnfroyPrieš 3 metus
  • Kendrick any day!!!

    King smarty and Tiny wafflesKing smarty and Tiny wafflesPrieš 3 metus
  • You mean K Dot vs drake's 100 ghostwriters?

    H34dHun734RH34dHun734RPrieš 3 metus
  • kendrick

    Brenda MBrenda MPrieš 3 metus
  • Is this even a question? Please don't insult Kendrick Lamar. xxxdrakeacion has definitely lost. Kendrick don't steal flows, he is wayyy better than that useless Drake guy.

    Eddy QuansahEddy QuansahPrieš 3 metus
  • your war machine because your black

    YuvaltalYuvaltalPrieš 3 metus
  • You seem like a classy guy and i liked the video BUT dude Drake over Kendrick really? Kendrick is light years ahead of Drake in terms of rapping skills...

    Berk NigdeliBerk NigdeliPrieš 3 metus
  • Holy shit! It was you who asked him that question?

    Eternal DragonoidEternal DragonoidPrieš 3 metus
  • Best president ever

    Anime GeniusAnime GeniusPrieš 3 metus
  • Drake. :-)

    Gamer BoyGamer BoyPrieš 3 metus
  • kurwa piszesz ze jest barack obama a go nie ma kurwa i co tera? w chuja robisz zwyklych ludi, POL:SKA PRZEJMUJE STRIMA

    danny mordvsdanny mordvsPrieš 3 metus
  • fuck friendly nigga. shit better go hard

    countoccularcountoccularPrieš 3 metus
  • Kendrick is the goat yo how can you even compare him to that scrub

    Satchel1300Satchel1300Prieš 3 metus
  • The only way Drake would win against Kendrick is if he got Kendrick as his ghost writer.

    IsmaelIsmaelPrieš 3 metus
    • Ismael 💀

      Real_ MeReal_ MePrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Kendrick > Drake, drake cant freestyle that good as kendrick, Kendrick is more better with lyrics and is better

    Karim GonzalezKarim GonzalezPrieš 3 metus
  • K E N D R I C K B A B Y

    Tom The FishTom The FishPrieš 4 metus
  • swoozie, as a TORONTO man, i can without a doubt that kendrick would destroy drake

    Ethan CameronEthan CameronPrieš 4 metus
  • yeah i would like a friendly battle drake vs kendrick

    Giant asteriusGiant asteriusPrieš 4 metus
  • i had installed avengers academy but i removed it because it was glitchy

    Giant asteriusGiant asteriusPrieš 4 metus
  • my name is drake. 😁

    n0sl1wn0sl1wPrieš 4 metus
  • Ok people in the comment section. Type in any Drake freestyle or cypher and look it up... he is absolute garbage. Kendrick battle rapped on a daily basis in Compton. Also lol if this turned into a beef... like an actual beef AS SOON AS DRAKE DROPPED A DISS TRACK Kendrick would have put one up exactly an hour after and then a second one to put the nails in the coffin. Anything Drake would do after that would be irrelevant

    Heartbeat KickingHeartbeat KickingPrieš 4 metus
  • kendrick

    SaadSaadPrieš 4 metus
  • Lol if kdot and drake had a rap battle it wouldn't be friendly

    the coolest jew everthe coolest jew everPrieš 4 metus
  • now do it with trump lmao.

    ConFluenceConFluencePrieš 4 metus
  • Obama already knows that Drake has ghostwriters, of course Kendrick would win

    LA FLAMELA FLAMEPrieš 4 metus
  • y'all sleeping on Drake's he will go 0-100 real quick

    - Mocha- MochaPrieš 4 metus
  • kendrick would piss on drakes dead body

    malick gayemalick gayePrieš 4 metus
  • Pacific

    bL FinestbL FinestPrieš 4 metus
  • Dude Kendrick will wup dat ass

  • DRAKE? He's wack asf!!!

    Jay JayJay JayPrieš 4 metus
  • Kendrick Candrake 1234567 4 7 + 7 = 14 + 4 = 18 18 ÷ 3 = 6 🔺 ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED❗

    XzawdykXzawdykPrieš 4 metus
  • Bro, Obama's favorite song is "How much a Dollar Really Cost" by KENDRICK LAMAR. It's pretty obvious he would pick KL

    Jesus ValenciaJesus ValenciaPrieš 4 metus
  • sWooZie, do you like Marvel or DC more? (I like DC, but Marvel's Kool)

    Darryl AnsahDarryl AnsahPrieš 4 metus
  • Helloooo!! Kendrick writes his shit, drake don't

    stacey jonesstacey jonesPrieš 4 metus
    • @Drake nah b

      stacey jonesstacey jonesPrieš 3 metus
    • stacey jones Damn I thought the suburbs count

      George HaddadGeorge HaddadPrieš 3 metus
    • @Drake cause you ain't from the streets bitch ass nigga

      stacey jonesstacey jonesPrieš 3 metus
    • stacey jones How did you know?

      George HaddadGeorge HaddadPrieš 3 metus
  • No nope no friendly

    Aylan FreemanAylan FreemanPrieš 4 metus
  • Do Eminem vs Drake

    ApolloApolloPrieš 4 metus
  • I mean I like drake but Kendrick all day

    TJ DwyerTJ DwyerPrieš 4 metus
  • hahahahahahahaha😂😂😂,what a funny video...oh...oh...you're actually comparing kendrick to drake..oops

    PicadiePicadiePrieš 4 metus
  • I have that poster

    Mr. ScoutsMr. ScoutsPrieš 4 metus
  • I tried dat game it's sorta boring but it's also fun in a way😆

    Yur CherYur CherPrieš 4 metus

    Isabel VelazquezIsabel VelazquezPrieš 4 metus
  • Cringe

    aloyaloyPrieš 4 metus
  • Jk

    Pixel Ninja 18Pixel Ninja 18Prieš 4 metus
  • I am obama

    Pixel Ninja 18Pixel Ninja 18Prieš 4 metus
  • Kendrick all day. Love Kendrick.

    Jasmine ColemanJasmine ColemanPrieš 4 metus
  • No drake will murder Kendrick

    Stacey TarangoStacey TarangoPrieš 4 metus
  • I was thinking Nick fury

    Chuckwagon kingChuckwagon kingPrieš 4 metus
  • u met obama...u lucky son of a bitch

    sourabh jainsourabh jainPrieš 4 metus
  • Drake is no where near Kendrick Lyrically

    Savage PlaysSavage PlaysPrieš 4 metus
  • Drake is no where near Kendrick Lyrically

    Savage PlaysSavage PlaysPrieš 4 metus
  • Drake is the worst, Views was at best, 3/10.

    NickNickPrieš 4 metus
  • Kendrick would kill drake

    aaron santizoaaron santizoPrieš 4 metus
  • we go 0 to 100

    Chilly PlaysChilly PlaysPrieš 4 metus
  • I have the same poster

  • eminem

    SollertisKhanSollertisKhanPrieš 4 metus
  • kdot would merk his bitch ass

    Caleb KingCaleb KingPrieš 4 metus
  • I'm not angry or anything like I'm not here trying to give Swooze backlash but kendrick vs drake the winner is OBVIOUSLY Kendrick. NO QUEESTION, not even close.....

    Phelly LandveldPhelly LandveldPrieš 4 metus
  • Drake will win

    The truth harts lolThe truth harts lolPrieš 4 metus
  • they made the background look like his bedroom

    JulyannJulyannPrieš 4 metus
  • I heard the first 50 seconds of this video and I was like WTF is this nigga talking about lol!!

    InvictuSInvictuSPrieš 4 metus
  • I have the same batman poster

    tammy trantammy tranPrieš 4 metus