California Love

5 Geg 2015
746 039 Peržiūros

Looks like the time has come ;)
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  • Looks like the same Disney I went to as a teenager

    king U.Aking U.APrieš 6 mėnesių
  • 2:41 Who else was watching the TV? xD

    RSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle WarsRSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle WarsPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • Owl City is the only mainstream electronic artist that I like. The rest of the mainstream artists are shit.

    RSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle WarsRSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle WarsPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • You know how kids will wanna be like a T-rex or a princess when they grow up. Yeah, I wanna be Swoozie. That's not weird right?

    Lukas Le DesmaLukas Le DesmaPrieš metus
  • Thats so cool! Im 16 right now and im really hoping to move to LA. It'll be a struggle but im gonna make it happen!

    Woah where am iWoah where am iPrieš 2 metus
  • Bro, why this feel like a travel montage in a movie?

    Pate BoundsPate BoundsPrieš 2 metus
  • Anybody catch the air mags in the background

    Jeffrey CullenJeffrey CullenPrieš 3 metus
  • Your about to hit 5 million Subs what you going to do

    ig:hvtelunaig:hvtelunaPrieš 3 metus
  • you have no idea how much I love the song in the video

    RedWolfRedWolfPrieš 3 metus
  • welcome California my home

    Dinkle BergDinkle BergPrieš 3 metus
  • yay i have a chance to see you

    KanobobKanobobPrieš 3 metus
  • Wait, What? Did you just say love your faces? oooh I'm tellin Phillip DeFranco lol

    Always LuvedToBeLuvedAlways LuvedToBeLuvedPrieš 4 metus
  • Swoozie you are a amazing youtuber and I just started a youtube account and I hope to be as great as you on day so thanks

    5kullcrusher 36155kullcrusher 3615Prieš 4 metus
  • Born and Raised in CALIFORNIA!!! D.H.S!!!!!!

    Jada DotsonJada DotsonPrieš 4 metus
  • Accidentally unsubbed after years of following him on here and had to redo it! 😕

    Brandie HaleBrandie HalePrieš 4 metus
    • The same thing happened to me!

      Katie O'DonnellKatie O'DonnellPrieš 4 metus
  • sWooZie looks like the rock (especially in this video) if iisuperwomanii likes the rock, why aren't sWooZie and her together? because (the rock is too old for iisuperwomani + she can't get on his level..sadly.)

    WootishTTWootishTTPrieš 4 metus
  • Omg the song is a fireflies remix omg I'm dying I love this

    Jess De BiasioJess De BiasioPrieš 4 metus
  • 😢🔫

    ran playsran playsPrieš 4 metus
  • I can't see u

    ran playsran playsPrieš 4 metus
  • I thought u waz in Florida swoozie😭

    ran playsran playsPrieš 4 metus
  • you have air mags

    SeemSeemPrieš 4 metus
  • I know that song

    Mackentoch VilamardMackentoch VilamardPrieš 4 metus
  • I like you 3x better now since you added owl city as backround music. I love Owl City!

    Chloe TorresChloe TorresPrieš 4 metus
  • Lol. The tv in the back at 2:42. That face though

    The RobinsonsThe RobinsonsPrieš 4 metus
  • I couldn't download them because I don't have a smartphone *que the womp sounds*

    The Uber SuccessfulThe Uber SuccessfulPrieš 4 metus
  • Nike air mags @ 2:07!!!!!

    EMBOfficialBroadcastEMBOfficialBroadcastPrieš 4 metus
  • Those Nike Air Mags tho swoozie

    Jose LopezJose LopezPrieš 4 metus
  • sWooZ1e can you help me, my name is Ben I have a problem. I have a person at school that I like and let's just say her name is kayla and I really like her but we're sort of in a dissing relationship like I did her she disses me then everyone laughs but everyone thinks that we like each other and I really want to tell her that I do like her but without the whole class going oh my gosh oh my gosh I was right I was right so maybe could you make a video to help me with that please

    Code066Code066Prieš 4 metus
    • +benjamin mills I know I'm not swoozie, sorry to disappoint, but Imma drop my two cents in your little donations hat over there, and say this: bro, you just gotta do it. Like, if you wanna tell her in private, that works, but sooner or later, everyone will know. If you show affection, and she shows it back, it'll be pretty obvious, but you gotta share the affection if you're gonna do this, and sometimes, you can't wait until it's private. You have to do it right then and there. I wish you luck

      tikisventikisvenPrieš 4 metus
  • 666 views!!!!!! ILIMANATI CONFERIMED

    Clos NesnanClos NesnanPrieš 4 metus
  • 666k views....Satan

    VwiftVwiftPrieš 4 metus
  • swoozie, my grandma passed and I was thinking of suicide ,and it's really just the hardest thing I've ever been through what should I do?

    Ethan SwearenginEthan SwearenginPrieš 4 metus
  • I'M NOT HOMOPHOBIC OR A HATER I LOVE SWOOZIE but i have doubts he is going to come out or he just has that feminin attitude but i have nothing against gay people ooh and btw look at the airmags behind at 1:42

    Akil MTLAkil MTLPrieš 4 metus
  • I got way too happy when I noticed he moved on my birthday.

    Fiona ChauFiona ChauPrieš 4 metus
  • even after 7 months, florida is boring without swoozie. i miss him :(

    FaukSlayerFaukSlayerPrieš 4 metus
  • I feel bad but I disliked this video I love All *except this one* I was hoping for the chance to someday randomly meet you cause I live in Florida.

    Chancellor WilsonChancellor WilsonPrieš 4 metus
    • +Chancellor Wilson well swoozie said he will be visiting orlando A LOT so you still have a chance

      Dat AwesomedudeDat AwesomedudePrieš 4 metus
  • noice

    JosJosPrieš 4 metus
  • ur skin looks so nice in the beginning cause he sunlight

    Tkaiya MckinneyTkaiya MckinneyPrieš 4 metus
  • wow... didnt know he moved... awkward... CRAP NOW HES LIKE 300 HRS AWAY WOW!

    Sekoy the AngelSekoy the AngelPrieš 4 metus
  • Almost every popular LTworldsr lives in LA

    My name's stephen and i love blowing 3-1 leadsMy name's stephen and i love blowing 3-1 leadsPrieš 5 metų
    • no u are wrong the most popular youtuber is pewdiepie and he has like 41k subscibers and he lives in sweden

      ThunderThunderPrieš 4 metus
  • I'm 200 miles away!

    Nocredit11208Nocredit11208Prieš 5 metų
  • ur the best. respect u for sticking to ur values swoozie.

    Joker DragonJoker DragonPrieš 5 metų
  • So um swoozie... Where did you cop those ummmmm air mags at 1:40???

    AstroAstroPrieš 5 metų
  • my dad made that hover board from back to the future he is cool!

    The Shadow's DomainThe Shadow's DomainPrieš 5 metų
  • OMG! This was uploaded on my b-day! 5/5/5!

    ThatWolfsShadowThatWolfsShadowPrieš 5 metų
    • stfu my birthday is on may 5

      AJ.McFizzleAJ.McFizzlePrieš 4 metus
  • are those real Nike air mags at 2:06?!!!

    Alexander FornwaldAlexander FornwaldPrieš 5 metų
  • wait I'm confused...... where do you live?

    KIDKHAOS916KIDKHAOS916Prieš 5 metų
  • Wait, where did he move to?

    Neko OnlineNeko OnlinePrieš 5 metų
  • I just hear the song playing in the background, and it makes me smile. Great choice of music!

    Mickjagger2Mickjagger2Prieš 5 metų
  • Hey +sWooZie , you'll probably not read this and that's okay. But I just wanted to say that you're a big inspiration of mine and I respect you and how you got where you are. Just wanted to let you know that you're pretty rad, and I hope to maybe some day be a little like you. Thanks!

    Ian HanthornIan HanthornPrieš 5 metų
  • nice vid but that spider-man shirt got me dude nice shirt

    Wolf pack Join the packWolf pack Join the packPrieš 5 metų
  • did he bring the 8:30 shows magnets?

    MBADrakoMBADrakoPrieš 5 metų
  • New Pad is everything!

    Vicariously MeVicariously MePrieš 5 metų
  • To meet you

    TheBullGamesTheBullGamesPrieš 5 metų
  • Aww. This is a little late but I am living in Orlando and he moved 😔 but it's ok I probably wasn't gonna have the chance anyway.😋

    TheBullGamesTheBullGamesPrieš 5 metų

    Rare PepeRare PepePrieš 5 metų
  • The song is fireflies-owl city

    Rare PepeRare PepePrieš 5 metų
  • How do u like California?

    YuzukariYuzukariPrieš 5 metų
  • More vlogs!.... Please 😶

    Kelly MacDonaldKelly MacDonaldPrieš 5 metų
  • sounds like fireflies for the music kinda obvious i guess

    Demon ZDemon ZPrieš 5 metų
  • If I saw U somewhere Heres What I would do/say: Me: *Pees pants* Me: Crap! I can't go up yo sWooZie Looking like i'm fricking 5! Me: *Change as fast as sonic* sWooZie: *Walks away without realizing Im dying over here* Me: *DEEEP Breathe* Ok Um...Exuse meh R U swoozie? sWooZie: *Thinks: Here we go again I hope she didn't pee her pants* sWooZie: Yes I am May I halp U? Me: Um HIII! Im a big fan been subbed for like 2 years sWooZie: Wow awesome nice to meet U! Me: hii heheheghrihgghauwgfuiwgapfpishgdhehgujhgjgshgrfuigwitguuisaghuiagUIWHGH sWooZie: ??? Me: I....Need....Medical....Help... *Faints* sWooZie: Oh Shiz not dis again

    Gail RoseGail RosePrieš 5 metų
  • Swoozie, I love your videos!!! If you reply I'll go super sayan 3! (like that other dude).

    TheBlackMarmosetTheBlackMarmosetPrieš 5 metų
  • 1:40 Niki Air Mags ? Is that the real one, I can't tell XD

    George HafnerGeorge HafnerPrieš 5 metų
  • dude i love that shirt! XD also your Awesome and very talented in my opinion :)

    NEW Webhead ProductionsNEW Webhead ProductionsPrieš 5 metų
  • Omgosh! it made my eyes water ... such a sweet success story! am really happy for you u clearly done amazing! LTworlds has made a world a better place (in some examples) and created a community of amazing, inspirational individuals! :) hey all the best Swoozie xoxox

    NMWMultimediaNMWMultimediaPrieš 5 metų
  • He's in Cali now....? Uhueueueueuue....... XD

    BonBon IsBlueBonBon IsBluePrieš 5 metų
    • Welcome to le Cali life bruh

      BonBon IsBlueBonBon IsBluePrieš 5 metų
  • Ahh! I'm so proud of you! Good luck in Hollywood. Would you do a home/apartment tour once you're all settled in??

    Olivia SaadOlivia SaadPrieš 5 metų
  • Me and my family!

    brenda ibrenda iPrieš 5 metų
  • why does every youtuber move/live in Cali lol

    Yadira IrizarryYadira IrizarryPrieš 5 metų
    • They're all very popular

      Kobe BryantKobe BryantPrieš 4 metus
    • +Bekki Paul ikr i was upset because i have lived in orlando for 8 years and i was upset when i found out he was moving to cali because he was like the last good youtuber that lived in Florida...

      Yadira IrizarryYadira IrizarryPrieš 5 metų
    • +Yadira Irizarry Maybe they want to because of all the things over there like Playlist Live or Comic Con or something. But it sucks though, he lived in Orlando and I lived in Orlando too. And now I have no chance to stalk him😢 jk 😆

      -bekki haiti--bekki haiti-Prieš 5 metų
    • @Bekki Paul literally like everyone that has lived in fl, ny etc that is a youtuber moved to la... Not sure why xD

      Yadira IrizarryYadira IrizarryPrieš 5 metų
    • Right? Lol

      -bekki haiti--bekki haiti-Prieš 5 metų
  • The song is dope

    Owen KileOwen KilePrieš 5 metų
  • I came for California Love... Where is California Love?

    Windows LogoWindows LogoPrieš 5 metų
  • peep air maggs

    Miles ThomasMiles ThomasPrieš 5 metų
  • I couldn't decide weather or not to like or dislike cause that stinks that ur gone be busy n ur not gonna be able to post vids as often so thumbs down 4 that but at the same time ur swooze so thumbs up?#loveyouswoozie................thumbs up

    Heather BarberHeather BarberPrieš 5 metų
  • Bruh. I'm late, but oommmfffgg. You have air magssss

    3030Dior3030DiorPrieš 5 metų
  • Bruh. I'm late, but you got air mags 😱😱😱😱

    3030Dior3030DiorPrieš 5 metų
  • Bruh. I'm late, but you got air mags 😱😱😱😱

    3030Dior3030DiorPrieš 5 metų

    Annabelle HayesAnnabelle HayesPrieš 5 metų
  • rip swoozie's old apartment... :'(

    Leo LLLeo LLPrieš 5 metų
  • Watched this video as I was going to my HS orientation. Swoozie you're my inspiration.

    Jason De LeonJason De LeonPrieš 5 metų
  • No more Florida? ;-; bby

    CleavatronCleavatronPrieš 5 metų
    • Fr, I live in Orlando and I want him back😢😩

      -bekki haiti--bekki haiti-Prieš 5 metų
  • Swoozie's success puts a smile on my face! :D

    Richard K.Richard K.Prieš 5 metų
  • oh my gosh remix of fireflies was beautiful :')

    PunchPunchPrieš 5 metų
  • Whoa! Congrats! :D (wicked late I know xD)

    Perpetual NoobPerpetual NoobPrieš 5 metų
  • Dear swoozie, I want you to know that I appreciate all your videos and you are the most amazing person I watche every one of you videos I like and comment on everyone I love you 😘 go find my other comments and please reply it would make my life so much brighter 😋😇😘😍

    Heather LingenfelterHeather LingenfelterPrieš 5 metų
  • I've only started watching your videos recently and they're awesome!! I watched more than half in a day! Hahah I'm addicted. I gotta say, you're a pretty chill guy. Hope all is well! -Autterpop

    Grace MurrietaGrace MurrietaPrieš 5 metų
  • I think this would literally be the only reason why I love California.... People like you move here and it's amazing.

    boobookitty987boobookitty987Prieš 5 metų

    Trent HorneTrent HornePrieš 5 metų
  • sWooZie you have Nike Air Mags? @ 1:38

    Mihsty HDMihsty HDPrieš 5 metų
    • @Mihsty HD saw them tooooo FUCK THEY ARE NICE

      Michael ZhengMichael ZhengPrieš 5 metų
  • peeped them air mags at 1:40 🔥🔥

    JayTLJayTLPrieš 5 metų
  • Like if Anyone else saw his air mags😍💯

    NickTheGamer215NickTheGamer215Prieš 5 metų
  • OMG he got a hover board

    LPS BelieveLPS BelievePrieš 5 metų
  • Yo this is a weird question but where'd you get that snapback rack bruh help a girl out

    Kyra LKyra LPrieš 5 metų
  • Wher to i buy that shirt OMG

    Mihajlo MilosevicMihajlo MilosevicPrieš 5 metų
  • Yo Swoozie. Have you listened to Tori Kelly? Highly recommended.

    kromatickromaticPrieš 5 metų
  • peep the air mags 1:41

    ZizuZizuPrieš 5 metų
  • sWooZie u need to vlog more my man these videos are always great!!! :-)

    Joe BobbyJoe BobbyPrieš 5 metų
  • AWESOME SONG love that song but hey sWooZie XD i wish i lived in LA i went there onec for universal studios .. say hi back XD ?????

    izzie oddsizzie oddsPrieš 5 metų
  • wow dem air mags in the background doe

    Hahnl LoHahnl LoPrieš 5 metų
  • 2:08 Air mags j chillin

    Nico WellsNico WellsPrieš 5 metų
  • how do u get into that party

    Ah_d33rAh_d33rPrieš 5 metų
  • Are those Nike air mags authentic?!?! @sWooZie

    Leland Caillier ZLeland Caillier ZPrieš 5 metų